Photo Challenge: Silhouette


I am constantly trying to capture pictures of the sunset, so I liked this week’s Photo Challenge. This is the silhouette of the Merchant Navy Memorial in Leith.

The memorial was unveiled by Princess Anne back in 2010. The Merchant Navy Memorial Trust chose Leith as its location because this was actually Scotland’s main port for over 300 years, and Edinburgh’s for over 700.

During the twentieth century this type of trade diminished; however, there are now several cruise ships that leave from Leith. Along the road you will also find the Royal Yacht Britannia.

As with many ports, and as you can see in the background of the photo, much of the area surrounding these once important docks is now built up with flats or shops.

I had a few other photos that also fitted this theme, so here are my favourites:


Sunset over the Grand Canyon


Sunrise over the street


This archway in Marseille reminded me of the arch in Harry Potter – eerie!

3 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Amy Amynmore says:

    The arch in The Order of the Phoenix? I love sunset photos too, though my problem is that I take a million of them because the sky constantly keeps changing! I have an awesome silhouette of the sun setting over Manchester rooftops from a couple of years ago. x

    • wakeupyourluck says:

      Sorry for the late reply! Yeah the one from the Order of the Phoenix. Especially eerie! I love them too, although I’ve never been fully happy with what I’ve managed to capture! x

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