You might not have heard of Kacey Musgraves, because 99% of people I speak to have not. Or you might be American, and more likely to have heard of her; you might have heard of her and even be one of those people who dislike her ‘controversial’ lyrics.

I, personally, think they are brilliant, and was planning a post listing my favourites. However, I would end up quoting so many of her lyrics and adding little more than ‘Isn’t this amazing?’ that it would be plagiarism, so I made a couple of lines into graphics.

The thing is the lyrics were from the same song ‘Dandelion’, because I couldn’t choose between them, so I decided to put both on the exact same background. At least they’re both pretty! Image credit goes to Alex Graves.

[I just realised I have made a mistake with these lyrics, as it is ‘wishes blow’ not ‘float’. I think I prefer ‘float’ though, so I’m employing a little creative licence here.]

I love the hopelessness of the song. (That is probably a strange thing to say, but it is definitely the appeal.) You can listen to it on YouTube. I actually really like the photo this person has used. Why did I bother?

Although really, what you should do is go and buy her album because she’s a genius.


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