Rest of the Fest 2014

I already wrote about the first fortnight of Edinburgh’s Festival time, so what about the last couple of weeks? I didn’t manage to see as many shows as I would have liked to – does anyone? Nevertheless, I did attend three very different, but equally great, events.

Hot Dub Time Machine, Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is a club night that goes around the world, but in Edinburgh it took place in McEwan Hall. I hadn’t been there since graduation, so it was quite funny to be back for this kind of event. The premise of Hot Dub is to play the biggest tunes from the 50s up until today, so you can imagine the music was amazing. It started off, very appropriately, with Rock Around the Clock, and there was a bit of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, Spice Girls, and even Let It Go from Frozen, which just cemented that evening as one of the best nights out ever.

Lauren Oliver, Tanya Byrne and Erin Lange, Edinburgh International Book Festival. Although they began by talking about specific titles (Panic, Follow Me Down and Dead Ends respectively), this became a general discussion about writing and YA fiction, including questions of bullying and diversity. All three women are intelligent and entertaining, and I am so glad I went along. I’ve only read Lauren Oliver, but the other two are now on the TBR list.


I took along all five of my Lauren Oliver books, just on the off-chance she would sign them all, and she did! She was laid-back and witty, and it was probably the highlight of my whole month to meet her.


End of Festival Fireworks. Last night, there was the one-hour fireworks concert to signal the end of another August. This is when the city breathes a sigh of relief, with a bittersweet ‘see you next year’ to a busy, challenging, exciting month.



If you made it to Edinburgh this August, I hope the city made a good impression on you! And if you’ve never been to the Edinburgh Festival before, I’d recommend it.


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