Being Organised for Birthdays

Today I feel like a grown-up. Despite none of my friends and family having birthdays tomorrow, next week, or the next again (I don’t think!) I bought a bunch of birthday cards. Yes, I began a collection of cards so that I always have one handy when I need it, which is something my mother does and therefore means I might be turning into her already, but mostly I think it’s further proof of good organisation. Employers, hire me now.

That is actually not the essence of this blog post, because the real reason I just had to pick up the cards was that they’re so blooming adorable. I was supposed to be shopping for some smart-ish clothes, because – this week’s exciting news! – I got work experience with a big London publisher! Finally! So I went to Next to have a look, and came away with unnecessary birthday cards instead.


For a friend who loves tea, £2, Next

Next wouldn’t be the first place I thought of when card-shopping; I tend to think of card shops, funnily enough. However, with the price of greetings cards increasing and the quality often awful, I was so pleased to find these reasonably priced, seriously pretty cards.


Embracing the owl trend, £1, Next



I would like to find a cool pair of wellies like these in real life. £1, Next



Card with detachable owl magnet, £3, Next

I realise this post sounds a lot like an advertisement, but I actually just really loved these!

(However, should any PR people be doing a bit of blogger outreach, I like books, stationery and food. And holidays, but that’s a long shot.) 😉

Happy Friday, everyone!

Lauren x

@Be_Lucky_Lauren /

P.S. Thank you and welcome to Wake Up Your Luck’s new followers! I should have a chance to check out your blogs this weekend.

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