Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s photo challenge asks us to show ‘humanity’. If I were to try to describe humanity, it could become very long-winded. I’d go from thinking about humans as a collective, to the way we relate to each other, then to art, literature and music. However, when I was looking through the photos I’ve taken, I could pick out – without having to examine or explain why – the ones that capture humanity for me.

For the most part, they are my family, friends and even my pet dog. There are hugs, smiles and laughter, the outdoors, playfulness and toasting each other’s good health.

However, the first photo that came to mind for this challenge is the picture in the middle. They are two complete strangers, strolling along, holding hands, in his and hers pink outfits. I was compelled to take their picture, and it’s one of my favourites.

Without thinking too much about it, the pictures that represent humanity for me are those of family, friendship, happiness and love.

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Humanity

  1. Danielle Eskdale says:

    Oh what a lovely subject for a challenge I think everyone photo you chose completely sums up humanity in different ways. The one of the couple holding hands is beautiful…if only you knew them I bet they would treasure that photo!!!


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