Writing That Sparkles

I made a few goals this year designed to help me be more creative. And I have to say, I’m failing miserably. I just spent about an hour trying to make a quotation look all pretty, and after producing designs that made Emily Dickinson look bad, I gave up.

I also haven’t managed to produce any new writing, so here’s an old poem I wrote about the subject instead.




Writing That Sparkles


I want my writing to sparkle

and to leap off of the page.

It would somersault and breakdance

till my reader was engaged.

Words would visit the thesaurus

and then right before my eyes,

they’d find their super synonym

and metamorphosise.

To alliteration’s beatbox,

syllables would bop about,

and, while each phrase jigged into place,

punctuation would clap it out.

Whether stressed or laid-back

words would work out to the beat,

and waltzing pairs of contrasts

would soon form their own conceit.

Different images collide

and find they can compare,

so similes and metaphors

soon glitter in the air.

Sentences would join together

in a lively conga line,

then, by themselves, form perfect little

groups of eight or nine.

My thoughts would throw a ceilidh,

reeling round my reader’s head,

then they’d zoom straight in their ears

and become their thoughts instead.

But some are only meant for me

and when back on Earth again,

my thoughts remain inside my brain

and I haven’t moved my pen.

I wish my writing sparkled,

I wish I didn’t have to think,

I wish the words would do it all themselves

and express my thoughts in ink!

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