A Fond Farewell to 2014

It’s the last day of 2014, and I was trying to think of what to focus on for this last post.

I’ve already posted my highlights and gone through my goals list, so I just thought I’d write a quick post to wish you all a fantastic 2015. I hope you have lots of good memories from 2014 to look back on, and lots to look forward to next year.

For me, 2014 was one of those special years – one that will stand out when others become grey and samey! I achieved what was really important to me, even if i couldn’t stick to some of the smaller goals. Life is totally different than it was twelve months ago, and change turned out to be no bad thing.

A New Year tends to promise things will be better, because you can leave the past behind and start afresh. However, there is a lot about this year that I want to take with me into next year, and I’m finding it difficult to imagine how things could be better! So I say thank you for an incredible 2014, and dare 2015 to top that!

Smiles from the threshold of the year to come,
Whispering ‘It will be happier’…

Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Have a Happy New Year!


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