Resolutions don’t have to make you sad

Happy New Year! (Even if that’s one of the 52 weeks practically gone already. Busy times!)

It’s that time of promising that we are going to make better choices and cut out the things that are bad for us (that we love). Well, resolutions don’t have to be fun-sucking chores: for the first seven of my fifteen in 2015, I have gone for goals I can look forward to attempting:

Visit fifty new places. Having now moved to London, I want to write about the top attractions, but I will also have a few especially interesting places on this list…

A trip of my own. I get to go on two trips with my work this year, which is amazing! And, excitingly, one of the places is Italy, one of the countries on my bucket list. However, since I’ll be working on these trips, I would like to try to get away somewhere else for a holiday.

Learn some Italian and German. I’ll finally be visiting Italy and Germany, so this gives me motivation to get back to attempting more languages. It would be useful to have the basics in place before going there.

Read two books a month. Not ambitious, but I used to read most on my commute, and now I can’t due to severe lack of space!

Go to a dance class. I have tentatively looked into classes at Pineapple Dance Studio, but I’m not sure I have the guts to go…

Learn how to make a cocktail. Strawberry Daiquiri, anyone?

Keep a ‘happiness jar’. My sister got me a happiness jar for Christmas, so that’s another lovely way to remember the good things about 2015.

The second half of my list will include specific blog goals and the rather more dull resolutions. I’m sure you can’t wait for that!


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