Traditional Self-Improvement Stuff

Morning all!

This is the second half of 2015’s goal list, featuring the more traditional self-improvement stuff! Some of the things I want to achieve – do well in my job, be a better friend and family member – would be quite difficult to measure and/or write about on the blog, so I have tried to represent them in a measurable goal.

Volunteer. I am quite interested in volunteering with Age UK and have started researching it.

Spend less time on the computer. I spend too much time on the computer when I’m at home, but now I will also be using a computer at work. I tried to play the keyboard the other day and my hand is so weak now – less time with the laptop will hopefully help to curb the RSI. It also means more time for reading and other hobbies.

Save money every month. I finally have a salary! Provided I do well in my job, I will be able to save a little each month.

Eat a greater variety of food. I say it this way so as not to put myself off, because what I really mean is to eat more healthy food. I should probably stop abusing my body by running on chocolate. (Just to be clear, I am by no means giving up chocolate. It just means, why not have some vegetables with dinner?)

Submit a poem to a competition or magazine. I don’t want to abandon writing goals completely, so I am going to make a tiny attempt to get something published this year.

Blog Goals

Gain 500 blog followers. It would be lovely to continue to increase the number of readers of the blog.

Respond to the WordPress Daily Prompt or Challenges twice a month. This will allow me to write more general posts, as well as posts about progress with goals.

Comment on other blogs at least once a week. It is also important to give back to the people who do read, like and comment, so at least once a week I’m going to comment on other blogs, and once a month I’ll share my favourite links.

There we have it, 15 in 2015! What are your goals this year?

Read about the first seven goals.

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