I do not get on with January

I don’t get on with January.

For some reason, my blog always gets a little neglected in the New Year. When I first started Wake Up Your Luck with 13 goals in 2013, it was already the end of that January before I wrote the first post.

It’s not just the blog though: I’m not good at keeping in touch with people, getting started on my goals or being motivated. And that’s even when I start this year with everything I wanted and more this time twelve months ago. January is just dark and damp and depressing, and I’m glad it’s on its way out.

At least all the other months have something going for them: good holidays or special events or an actual sense of something beginning, rather than the disillusionment of the first month of the year.

The best month is December, which is quite possibly why January is so depressing. December is cheerful and cosy and lit up with fairy lights.

June is brilliant because it is my birthday month. I can normally stretch celebrations out for about a week, which makes at least a quarter of it good fun.

I was in school and university so long that September is the month that actually heralds the beginning of a new year. Even personally, September has often equalled the start of new things.

February sounds pretty, and though this sounds pretty ridiculous, it actually makes it a nicer month. Besides, it’s the shortest, so if it’s going badly it will be over quicker.

March is the beginning of spring, the clocks going forward, occasionally Easter – and that means lots of good chocolate. If not March, then April gets that honour.

May is when Scotland gets its summer. It’s not summer like many of you will know it, but it’s often when we get our good weather. (Now I’ve moved to London, it will probably be the pleasant month before it’s sweaty and gross on public transport.)

July and August are holiday months. Although I’ve been out of school seven years and they haven’t been holidays since.

October has a pumpkin face. That is how I see it. November is marshmallows.

For me, the year is kind of like a winter’s day. That horrible, getting-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn feeling, that’s January. February to June is morning, and July and August are a long, lazy lunch. From September, it starts to get darker; October and November are a gloomy night in; and December is midnight, when the stars come out.

Anyway, enough rambling. January is not a good month to start things – I’ll do better in February!


2 thoughts on “I do not get on with January

  1. Liz says:

    I love this, what a great way to look at the year! Although I’m kind of the opposite, I always start with good intentions and then lose enthusiasm as the year goes on…

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