Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals

Hi, everyone! Today I would like to warmly welcome the lovely Jenny from Jenny in Neverland, who has very kindly written me a guest post about what she would like to achieve this year. Go and visit her blog to read about her 2015 Reading Challenge, book hangovers and the time when plagiarism was funny.


JennyMeet the blogger:

Hi, I’m Jenny! A book blogger, avid reader, obsessive cleaner, Chinese take-away eater and Disney Princess wannabe from Essex! I love reading, watching movies, anything Disney, writing, travelling, eating and playing chess (new hobby – don’t ask). I’ve been blogging for 2 years and absolutely adore it.


My Goals for 2015!

I give myself New Year’s resolutions every single year without fail and how many have I successfully achieved in my 22 years on this planet? 0. Not a single one! New Year’s resolutions are usually so broad and unrealistic (tell that to the 18-year-old me who wanted to start windsurfing lessons and learn to play the trumpet) that you end the year feeling disappointed when you look back at your list of unachievable things.

As I’ve got older however, I’ve been able to set myself goals for the year, more specific goals which I can work with and assess throughout the year. Goals which will change and affect my life in a better way than say… learning the trumpet. Here are some of my goals for 2015!


I suffer with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) so every year since being diagnosed, I’ve included ‘beat anxiety’ on my to-do list for that year. Although realistically now, I know it’s something I may always have to some extent and I’ve learnt to be fine with that. So instead of ‘beat it’, I’ve changed my attitude to ‘manage it’ and this year I hope not to get bogged down with it as much as I have done and understand my mind more in times of increased anxiety.


This is a very broad topic and could literally mean anything, but this year the only goal I have to increase the quality of my lifestyle is to ‘do more that makes you happy’. We’re in March right now and so far, I think I’m doing quite well with this. My attitude has changed and I’ve had a fantastic beginning of the year. I’m making the most of things much more than I have done in the past and appreciating the little things much more and long may this continue!


In April 2014, I set up my own online blog touring business in which I organise book tours for authors’ books. I didn’t know how successful this was going to be – I’d never had my own business before, but fortunately I got into the swing of things and had a lot of support, so almost a year later Neverland Blog Tours is still going strong. My aim for this year was simply to expand Neverland Blog Tours and develop it and help it grow. I’ve recently opened up to new genres (originally, I was only doing tours for Fantasy and Paranormal genres) and got a new banner for the site.


My blog is my most important hobby – I absolutely love blogging and everything about it. Last year, blogging got on top of me and unfortunately I had to take a blogging break which went on for 6 months! Three months longer than I anticipated. This year, my goal for my blog was to go back to basics: not get bogged down by excessive review requests and a strict schedule, just post what I want and when I want. And, more importantly, ENJOY IT! My blog is doing better than it ever has and I’m enjoying it so much more now which I think is obviously noticeable.


In an ideal world, my travel goal for 2015 would be, ‘buy a plane ticket and travel the world’. Obviously, money and circumstances can easily stop that from happening! So back to reality, my travel goal was simply to travel somewhere new. I have a holiday booked for May to Cumbria, about 40 minutes away from the Lake District, so I can successfully achieve that goal!

Make More Plans

I love making plans and plans give you something to look forward to when you might be in a bit of a slump. This year, my goal was to ‘do more stuff’, ‘make more plans’ and ‘try new things’. I already have lots of plans already including: going on holiday, an outdoor cinema experience, my best friend coming to stay from Scotland (6 hours away from me!), visiting her in Scotland and hopefully going skiing and a holiday to Turkey next year. I thrive on plans and I am so excited for all of these! Hopefully there will be even more!


Being a book blogger, I obviously need to read a lot and last year I slacked a bit with my reading. My goal for this year was to ‘read more’ and so far, so good! I have read some incredible books this year so far and we’re only in March! I have a good reading mojo at the moment so am very excited about all the amazing books I have yet to read!

Thank you so much to Lauren for having me on her blog to talk about my 2015 goals!

You can find me on Twitter:

or my blog:


Thank you, Jenny! Best of luck with all your goals. Who knows, perhaps one day you will even go back to the trumpet…!

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals

  1. Charlene Moore (@tartanmouth) says:

    Jenny is such a lovely girl with a fantastic blog – it’s so nice to see her pop up on your blog, Lauren!

    I love posts like this because they give you a little bit more insight into the blogger behind the posts – I would never have guessed Jenny was a chess player!


    • wakeupyourluck says:

      Thank you for contributing!

      It’s true, achieving goals is great, but the fun of planning them and thinking about all the possibilities of what could happen is part of why I do it! x

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