Seven weird things about me

Thursday lunchtime! That means it is almost the weekend. (Right?!)

I was very chuffed to be nominated for three blog awards recently. Well, I thought they were all fairly recent, until I checked Charlene’s blog and saw that she did her One Lovely Blog post back in February! Where has the time gone?! Then last month (at least that was only a matter of days ago) Miss B and Stronger Now nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is awesome. Thank you, you three!

One Lovely Blog Award

These things always take me longer than they should (three months, anyone?) so here are seven things about me in response to all three. (I’m not sure I would have had 21 things to say about myself otherwise.)

1. I kind of love the accordion. Whenever I hear it, it makes me feel like I’m abroad.

2. When Newsround announced the casting call for Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, I applied. I’m still disappointed I didn’t get it.

3. Sitting reading poetry aloud makes me happy, even if I sound like a weirdo. I had a completely unbalanced final year, with too many classes in the first semester, because I wanted to take all the poetry classes.

4. There are four sections to the pinkie on my right hand.

5. I eat raspberries in even numbers, but the TV volume should be on odd numbers (and I have favourites amongst those).

6. I love the racing driver Sebastian Vettel, and started learning German to improve my chance of marrying him. Because obviously that was the biggest obstacle.

7. I always carry an umbrella. Doesn’t matter if it’s 30 degrees outside, I am Scottish. We know all about four seasons in a day.

And now to share the love! These blogs are brilliant because:

Becky Says Things

Becky is hilarious, and Stickman is real, OK?

Make Me Joyful

This site makes me happy, which is the whole point.

Am I Thirty Yet?

Liz is hilarious. (This will be a common theme.) I found her through her Freshly Pressed post, ‘Am I Too Young To Be So Bitter?’ Let’s just say it spoke to me.

This, That and the Other Thang

Wendi is hilarious. Zooey Deschanel shared an article she wrote for Hello Giggles, so you know she’s good.

With Love From Opal

Faith is a brilliant writer, and I really like her ‘Nobody Regrets…’ series.

Jenny in Neverland

You will always find something to read on this extensive book and lifestyle blog by Jenny.


There are topical pieces on female expectations, relationships, and the pressure from advertising, among others.

Suzie81 Speaks

Suzie writes about a massive variety of topics, from reflections on more personal matters to subjects like Eurovision.

Tartan Mouth

Charlene is just lovely, and her ‘Feel Good Friday’ feature always does what it says on the tin! I also liked ‘Growing Older in TV Quotes’.

These are some of my favourite blogs – check them out for funny, uplifting, interesting posts! (And thank you for reading mine!)

13 thoughts on “Seven weird things about me

  1. A Teenage Poet says:

    So if I want to marry Alonso I guess I’ll have to revisit my sixth grade knowledge of Spanish…oh dear.
    Interesting post – thanks for sharing! Now I want raspberries….

    • Lauren @ Wake Up Your Luck says:

      You’ve reminded me I have to go back on that point for just one occasion – my trip to the States. My mum looked at my case, was like ‘Why on earth are you taking an umbrella?!’ so I left it. And for a whole month it didn’t rain and it was bizarre but lovely!

  2. thisthatandtheotherthang says:

    Awe thanks so much, sweetie! You are the best! And congrats on the award. So well deserved! It’s so funny that you mentioned the thing about the raspberries: I’m the exact same way (although it’s more like I eat Peanut M&Ms in even numbers and have to have the TV volume set on an odd number). Also, I am super jealous of the fact that you even got to try out for the role of Luna. I mean, how amazing is that?!?! Hope you have a great day, hon! xoxo

    • Lauren @ Wake Up Your Luck says:

      No problem, I always look forward to your new posts! Ah yes, I am actually the same with M&Ms as well (though not peanut ones)! The Luna thing perhaps sounds more interesting than it was – it was an open casting call, so anyone could go up for it, and I never got anywhere with it! Have a great day too x

  3. missb88 says:

    Lovely post! I love the accordion and poetry tidbits! I feel the same myself!
    Thanks for the links to the blogs too – have started to follow a lot of them now! Have a great day!x

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