If we were having coffee (to go)

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If we were having coffee – well, we wouldn’t be, it would be more like a quick catch up while getting something to go, because there aren’t enough hours in today.

I missed Zumba this morning because I need to pack for going home tomorrow. Goodbye to my boots and winter jackets and hello to… not a summer wardrobe, since we didn’t have summers in Scotland, but an updated choice of clothes! That should postpone my morning ritual of despairing at the fact that I have nothing to wear for a month or so.

It physically pains me that I’m missing all my favourite shows in West End Live in Trafalgar Square right now. I’m going to try to catch some of it this afternoon, but I need to pick up my friend’s birthday present before our dinner tonight. (I do know what I’m getting her; it isn’t some thoughtless, last-minute thing!)

I’m also missing the Austrian GP, but if Formula 1 continues to be as boring and predictable as it has been this season (and last) then I’m really not missing much.

Tonight we’re off to Duck & Waffle for my friend’s birthday, so it will be another place to add to my list of fifty, even if a quick glance at the menu suggests it might be a little too fancy for me. It’s acceptable to have ice cream while your friends eat duck/salmon/octopus, isn’t it?!

And then tomorrow I’m away home! A week of doing exactly what I want, seeing Taylor Swift in Glasgow, having a spa day (a belated birthday present) and catching up with friends. I cannot wait!

So that’s me away! Hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead, and hopefully I’ll have the chance to blog a little more next week…!

14 thoughts on “If we were having coffee (to go)

  1. A Teenage Poet says:

    If it makes you feel better I missed Zumba today too because Father’s Day + work = not much time for much else. And yes, I don’t much feel like watching the Grand Prix – I can’t stand to see the Mercedes running around in front yet again (I’m assuming that’s what happened; I haven’t watched it yet ’cause we just have it recorded. The American commentators are awful so I’m hoping my dad will be able to stream the BBC/Sky version). And oh my goodness take me with to see Taylor Swift!!! I’m incredibly jealous.

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      Sometimes there is just no time! I caught up with the GP but I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet so won’t spoil it. I am so excited for Taylor Swift, but I am a little sad that I might not be able to sing along with this sore throat I have ended up with!

      • A Teenage Poet says:

        Yeah I asked my dad the results ’cause I didn’t have time watch with him. Alonso and Kimi are my favourite drivers so honestly it was just tragic.
        And so sorry to hear about your sore throat, that’s terrible! I hope it gets better ASAP xx

  2. somemaid says:

    I keep meaning to visit Scotland, but fear it will be a few years. Maybe I should attempt the Land’s End John O Groats thing. Although we get proper summers in Cornwall we don’t get proper winters just an unrelenting mizzle. Surely there must be a middle way somewhere. 🙂

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