Shake It Off

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you all about my week at home, not last week (which disappeared, and that is my real excuse for not writing sooner) but the week before. After a fairly stressful month of May, I took a whole week off work and headed back to Scotland to spend time with the friends and family I don’t get to see as often as I would like.

When I arrived in Edinburgh, I went to Patisserie Valerie to catch up with one of my best friends, who lives in the city. I also got my first belated birthday present, which was exciting, as I forgot I would get more presents at home, and who doesn’t love presents?


An owl-themed notebook and pen, and a little motivational star to hang in my room.

When I got home, my mum had made me my birthday meal – essentially Christmas dinner, because it’s the best – and I opened presents from my family. Very unexpectedly, my parents had bought me the purse to match my favourite handbag, so that was a brilliant surprise.

On Monday, I was supposed to do some shopping and see my gran, but I was feeling awful. I had had a sore throat and headache coming on for a few days, but the second my body realised it was on holiday, it hit properly! So I decided to take a sick day and spent the time lying on the sofa watching The Princess Diaries (1 and 2), as you do.

On Tuesday morning, I was only feeling marginally better, but I wasn’t allowed to be ill because this was the day I was seeing Taylor Swift in Glasgow! I took a bunch of painkillers to numb my throat and headache, and went off to the hairdresser. Unfortunately, the fumes from the colour and the heat in the salon didn’t help, and I fainted when she was halfway through doing the foils. After that, though, I felt much better, and we powered through!

It was time to head to Glasgow. I arrived a couple of hours before my friend, so I thought I’d have a wander around New Look. After months of attempting to shop in London (hell on earth), it was a complete treat to have 20m2 to myself at some points. Perhaps it was the pleasant environment, maybe they had a better selection, or maybe it was simply the fact that I could actually SEE the clothes, but I found a lot I liked and ended up with a good few additions to my summer wardrobe.


Patterns, patterns everywhere…

When my friend arrived, we dropped our stuff at the hotel then went to meet one of my other friends at the Hard Rock Café. They kept playing Taylor Swift songs, and you could hear people singing along. Soon it was time to join the mass exodus towards Exhibition Centre

The concert was amazing. I loved the Red Tour, but I think the 1989 tour might have been even better. It was a complete spectacle, with the best staging I’ve ever seen (the catwalk lifted and rotated so she could sing to everyone in the arena), incredible outfits and wristbands for each member of the audience that flashed different colours in time with the songs. The songs themselves were made even bigger for the tour, and remixes of Love Story, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and I Knew You Were Trouble were among my favourite performances of hers. One of the highlights, though, was slow song You Are In Love, when you could hear everyone in the Hydro singing along with her. Along with McFly’s 10th anniversary and the first McBusted tour, this was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

I had wiped myself out a bit, so had another quiet day on the Wednesday, but I did go and see my gran. She had had the old photo albums out, so we saw some of dad’s baby pictures and gran’s wedding photos. I also got to show her some of the books we produce at work, which I think she really appreciated.

Thursday was another present from my parents, who had organised for my sister and I to go to the spa at Airth Castle. We are potentially the only people who begin a spa day by using the gym (my sister’s idea), but after that it was nice and relaxing. The waiting room for the treatments had the comfiest loungers anyone has ever sat on, along with calming music (and sometimes those sounds like dolphin noises, which tend to make me laugh rather than stay with the relaxing atmosphere).

I got a full body massage, which I found a little strange at first as I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that I was basically naked, but it was suitably self-indulgent for a spa day! We also used the pool, Jacuzzi and steam rooms. It was the first time I’d been in a pool since school aged about 14, so it was actually quite fun to get back in the water. I’ll need to start using the pool at our gym!

On the Friday – goodness me, I’m hogging this conversation! – I went for lunch with my mum and sister, followed by dinner with another two friends, then it was time to catch up with my former colleagues at a house party. Our old manager had arranged a surprise – a limousine to take us to the party, perfectly in keeping with his slightly outlandish nature!

Saturday meant it was time to go back to London. It had been a brilliant holiday at home, but, as with all the best things, it was over too quickly!

I hope you’ve all had a good week! Find other Weekend Coffee Share posts at the link-up here on Part-Time Monster’s blog and on Twitter using the hashtag #WeekendCoffeeShare!

7 thoughts on “Shake It Off

  1. Amy says:

    That arena is massive but at least Taylor came out on that extending stage! Seeing as you mentioned your work, I have a question. I was watching The Proposal last night (total cheese-fest but I can’t help it) – is your work something like that? xx

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      The Proposal is amazing! Ha ha, I blooming wish someone a lot like Ryan Reynolds worked here! My work isn’t like that – it’s a children’s publishing company, so I’m not sure if that makes everyone more relaxed, but it’s a great group of people. What made it stressful over May/June was that I was covering for a few people and felt a bit stretched, but that was temporary at least! xxx

  2. Charlene Moore (@tartanmouth) says:

    I can’t remember if I wished you happy birthday in a previous post, so, in case I didn’t, happy belated birthday! That Michael Kors purse is a thing of beauty – the colour is perfection.

    I also went to see Taylor Swift on the Tuesday night – what an incredible concert! She is such a brilliant performer and the show set up was stunning. I loved the wristbands – it was incredible looking around the Hydro as it filled with thousands of synchronised bright lights.


    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      Thanks Charlene! I love the purse and the colour – I just need to be less afraid to use it!

      Wasn’t it just brilliant?! I’m so glad I was in Scotland to see it, too. Hyde Park would have been brilliant, of course, but the Hydro felt quite intimate and it was brilliant to be part of her first Scottish show. x

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