Party Like It’s Fifty9


It has been around two years since I went to a blogger event. It’s not that I’ve been opposed to the idea, but I haven’t kept up with them very well and I’ve always been busy when one caught my eye.

So when my friend Kelly invited me along to bar Fifty9 in Mayfair last Wednesday, I was actually a little bit nervous. Luckily, when I was doing my second not-so-subtle walk past the bar, peering through the large windows, I spotted my friend’s platinum hair and finally dared to venture inside.


I was introduced to Kelly’s colleagues, Mya and Montana from PR&EI, and handed a glass of Prosecco, so we were off to a good start. The bar was light and airy, because the big windows were open onto the pavement where there are some tables for sitting outside. It wasn’t overcrowded, which was lovely – perhaps because it was a Wednesday, or perhaps because so many people were taking advantage of standing outside.


More and more bloggers started to arrive. It was a funny moment to meet Sarah and Katy in real life, after following them on various forms of social media for so long. I also had the chance to chat to Felicia, Emma, Mehreen, Sophie and Alexandra. I hope I haven’t missed anyone! It was great to meet fellow bloggers and hear some of their stories, and I hope I will be seeing everyone again soon!


We were treated to a cheese board, the cured meat selection and pizzettas, which were lovely – considering I don’t eat pizza, this is big praise! My favourite was the prosciutto and olive one, minus the olives. (I’m still fussy.) What was funny about being at a blogger event was the pause between the food arriving and everyone eating, because everybody has to get photos first! This one never fails to make me hungry:

We got little shot glass cocktails – porn star martini, and it was very good – then we got to have a peek downstairs, even though the club wasn’t open that day.


The bar upstairs has a laid-back, after-work-drinks feel, probably due to the presence of a number of suits. However, when you go downstairs, it screams Saturday night. It is a good-looking club, all mood lighting and black booths. I really want to come back here to celebrate someone’s birthday. Or, you know, just to celebrate the weekend!

When we’d washed down some more food with some more Prosecco, it was time to head home. After feeling a little nervous about going, I had really enjoyed myself, and ended up wondering why on earth it had taken me so long to attend a blogger event!

Thanks to Fifty9 and PR&EI for having us – see you all again soon!

Fifty9 is open from 12 p.m. until 1 a.m. from Monday to Wednesday, and 12 p.m. to 3 a.m. Thursday to Saturday. The all-important food and drink menus are here

2 thoughts on “Party Like It’s Fifty9

  1. Amy says:

    Would be good for someones birthday you say? It is mine a week today . . just saying 😉

    I think I would be pretty intimidated walking into that environment too but those pizzettas look lovely – how is a pizzetaa different from a pizza btw? xx

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