Four Things

I don’t know where the four things tag started, but I started mine a while ago when I saw it on Underland to Wonderland. At that point, my mind was working in a similar not-working way as it is today, so I’ve decided to finish it using basically the same categories as Danielle’s. Surely it can’t take any brain power to just talk about myself?

Four things near me right now:

A massive pile of notebooks


My phone

My bed

Four subjects I studied at school:




Canadian Studies at uni was a funny one…


Four places I’ve lived:





Four jobs I’ve had:

Rights assistant

Tour guide

Corporate hospitality assistant

Au pair

Four of my favourite foods:



Christmas dinner (not including sprouts)

Cheese (all the Cs)


Four of my favourite books:

Harry Potter

The Humans

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Queen of the Tearling

Four movies I’ve watched more than once:

When Harry Met Sally

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Bend It Like Beckham

Pirates of the Caribbean

Four TV shows I currently watch:


Orange is the New Black

Grey’s Anatomy

The Mindy Project


The Parthenon in Nashville

Four places I’ve visited:

Toronto and Niagara Falls (I’m amazed I’ve managed to stick to four things until now)


New York City

Grand Canyon

Four pet peeves:

[WordPress formatting changing every now and then as it blooming well pleases.]

Drivers who beep their horn in impatience. Sh! Where do you expect the other guy to go?

(Public transport and people who use it incorrectly in general.)

People who use their buggies and small children as weapons in the war for space on the pavement/in shops.

The fact that 99.9% of pre-made sandwiches have mayonnaise on them.

People who say ‘No offence’ before saying something offensive.

Four things I wish I could do:


Take good photos (and take a good photo!)

Follow F1 around the world for a year

Have 30 hours in a day

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:

Frankfurt Book Fair

My friends coming to visit

A potential holiday…?

December. Not that I’m wishing the year away, it’s just a lovely month.


Four things I can’t live without:

My friends and family

A purpose



(Chocolate should really be here if I’m being honest. I wrote it before I remembered the internet. Would living without a purpose be preferable to a life without chocolate…?)

I love lists! There you go, 52ish things you never needed to know and never asked about me. Still, at least it’s got rid of today’s craving to write something. (Anything.)

Let me know if you write your own ‘four things’ post, or if you’ve written one already!

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