Designing Diet Coke: The launch of J. W. Anderson’s collection


One of the most exciting things that has happened to me since I started blogging was a couple of weeks ago, when Sarah from The Prosecco Diaries invited me to the launch party to celebrate the collaboration between Diet Coke and J. W. Anderson.


Of course the excitement was mixed in with a large element of stress, as I started thinking, what should I wear? How should I do my hair and makeup? How much stuff am I going to have to cart to work in order to make a quick change and still look presentable?

Anyway, I finally left for work on Thursday morning thinking I was very prepared, then at lunch time I realised I had forgotten my camera. The camera on my phone is terrible, so please excuse the quality of the photos to follow.

We met up with Sasha from F for Foxtrot, who was also coming along, just outside the venue: Village Underground in Shoreditch. Walking in, you were offered Diet Coke or Prosecco – I thought I ought to take a Diet Coke first – and this bar area opened into a larger space where they had set up a stage with the DJ, a makeup station with L’Oréal cosmetics, and a photo booth. Here you could pose with the lovely new bottles and upload straight to social media. Very smart.


An hour or so in, there was a short video on the creation of the new bottles, and a mini speech from J. W. Anderson himself. The limited-edition design is inspired by knitwear from his autumn/winter collection, and it’s the first time Diet Coke have featured photography on their bottles.


I loved how they used the bottles to decorate – Coke-bottle chandelier, anyone? Coke-bottle vases?


After that, the DJ was back on for the rest of the night. The music was brilliant! They played Shut Up and Dance, which is really all I’m asking for from a night out at the moment. (Well, perhaps also Taylor Swift.) We had a great time, dancing and trying the variety of drinks and canapés that made their way around the dance floor.

Sarah and Sasha


We also indulged in a little celebrity-spotting. Having lived here for ten months, it is slightly disappointing to have only spotted Charlie Hunnam, who I didn’t know, and a seriously good lookalike of Captain Jack Sparrow. (So if I actually met Johnny Depp that day, I take this all back.) Lucy, the best of the Made in Chelsea cast (former flatmates insisted that watching this show was roommate bonding time), was there, along with her sister, Tiff. There also was Vanessa from the Saturdays, who is absolutely tiny, and Ashley Roberts from the Pussycat Dolls. That is my celebrity-spotting quota met for the rest of the year.

I wish I’d been able to capture the night better in my pictures, but luckily Sarah and Sasha got some great ones – check out their posts on The Prosecco Diaries and F for Foxtrot! Sarah kindly gave me permission to ‘nick any photos [I] like’, so I had to take the following one of me posing by the giant Coke bottles:


This collection is part of Diet Coke’s ‘Regret Nothing’ campaign, encouraging people to embrace their impulsive side. The limited-edition bottles will be available from Harvey Nichols, along with a Diet Coke notebook, from 17 August.


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