Reanimated Reading

I always enjoy reading, but over the past couple of months I have read so many good books that I really love it again. You might know the feeling: you’re impatiently going about your day because reality is interrupting your reading. You’re so caught up in these brilliant stories that your own story is, frankly, a little bit boring. (It’s a good and bad thing…!)

Looking back on the list of books I’ve read this year, most of them have been quite good, but since reading The Colour of Magic in May it’s lifted a level. I already talked briefly about how much I enjoyed Brave New World, and wrote a post around We All Looked Up.

After that, there was The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett, about the butterfly effect. One small decision at the beginning leads to three different versions of the story of one couple. It can be difficult to keep the storylines separate, but I really liked the concept. A simple yes or no, or the path of a little dog in the park, sends their story reeling in different directions.

Knowing how much I loved The Humans by Matt Haig, I thought that another one of his novels would be a sure-fire way to continue the winning reading streak. Echo Boy is set in 2115, and it’s about approaching the singularity – the moment when machines no longer need to rely on humans and true artificial intelligence is reached. People are taking the design of Echos (Enhanced Computerised Humanoid Organisms) to new levels, and one girl’s world is turned upside down. It didn’t end quite how I expected it too, but I understand why it happened. I would look forward to the film, if it ever gets made!

Then there were the first two novels in the The Queen of the Tearling trilogy. (Thank you, Nicola, for giving me the first one and recommending it, because otherwise I would never have thought to buy it.) This is the first series I have been this excited about since The Hunger Games and Divergent, but I love these books even more. The characters are easily some of the best I’ve read – very complex, full of flaws, but utterly brilliant. The plot is actually quite sparse, which I normally dislike – I could summarise it in a couple of sentences – but her writing and the character interaction and development had me completely caught up in the world of the Tearling. The only reason I’m not climbing the walls waiting for the third one is that I don’t want it to be over! I will probably write a lengthy post on this trilogy soon (spoiler-filled, and with due warning, of course).

Having discovered that maybe this means I like fantasy, and Harry Potter wasn’t an anomaly, I’ve started Robin Hobb’s books. (Got to be honest, until a couple of weeks ago I thought Robin Hobb was a male protagonist as opposed to a female author.)

Paper Towns

Paper Towns by John Green, Bloomsbury

I am also reading Paper Towns by John Green, so that I can finish the book before seeing the film. This doesn’t normally bother me (99% of movies were books, and I do not have time to read them all), but I was going to read this anyway. I am enjoying it so far, but the cover irritates me. It makes me think of snow and winter. I have nothing against snow and winter – in fact I really like them – I just think the sky should be a darker blue for night time, or bright blue making it daytime.

Anyway, that’s irrelevant! My point is that my reading has been well and truly revived, and it is a great feeling. There are few hobbies that give as much back!

 What books have you loved this year? Have you read any of these?

6 thoughts on “Reanimated Reading

  1. thisthatandtheotherthang says:

    Loved your list of books, girl! I’ve been on a serious re-reading kick as of late. I’m just finishing up rerererereading the Harry Potter series (I try and do that at least once a year) and plowed through the Chronicles of Narnia series a few months ago. Sometimes you just have to sit back and revisit some of your old faves. 🙂

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      Thank you! I NEED to reread Harry Potter. I think I haven’t reread the entire series since 2007, just before the last book came out – shocking! We had a confusing conversation the other day over whether book-Neville was blond or not, when once I would have been able to answer almost anything without hesitation!

  2. Corina says:

    It sounds like you’ve read some excellent books. I might be looking for some of your titles to add to my list. I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t been reading as much as I usually do. When I got sick in March, I ended up on so many medications that I couldn’t concentrate on reading then my time in the hospital, when I thought I would be reading a lot, was a wash because they kept me on pain meds which meant I slept. I can’t seem to get back into reading. I’m doing so many other things that by the time my reading time comes at night, my eyes close.

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      Reading is a difficult hobby to find time for, I think, even for those of us who love it. And you have every reason to take a break! I’m sure one day soon, you’ll read the first few pages of something and find yourself unable to put it down.

      Hope you’re doing better now!

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