Things most people like that actually suck

In many ways, I have very conventional taste. However, there are some occasions when I think I could be an alien amongst humans, normally involving the following things that are popular for no good reason:

Mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is disgusting, but I understand that my taste buds seem to be completely different to those of most people. What I don’t understand is that, even if you do like mayonnaise, why do 99.9% of pre-made sandwiches have it on them? Mayonnaise does not go with everything. When I was a kid, we used this thing called butter. I don’t understand why a lazy person such as myself cannot buy sandwiches from a supermarket simply because someone decided mayonnaise was king of the spreads.

Football. Why this is the most popular sport on the planet, I’ll never know. Sure, most football players are in good shape, so we should appreciate the fact that they work hard at something. However, the sport is also full of overpaid childish boys who dive to the ground if another player gets within a foot of them in the hope of sympathy from the ref, rather than having to earn a win through actual skill. Not to mention the game itself is pretty dull!

Fifty Shades of Grey. The funny thing is, no one has ever admitted to me that they enjoyed this book. I’m not a book snob, so this can’t the reason. There must, however, be thousands of people who appreciate these books in secret (oo-er) because they’ve inexplicably sold ridiculous amounts of copies.

Wuthering Heights. From trash to classic literature, there are always going to be opinions you agree and disagree with, and I cannot take to the generally accepted view that this is a good book, never mind a classic love story. Cathy and Heathcliff are entirely obnoxious characters and I just couldn’t care about their relationship drama.

The Louvre. This might be close to sacrilegious, but in a city of amazing places, the Louvre is considered one of the top attractions and I really don’t know why. It is too big, the layout is horrible and I really struggled to find the exit after having had enough! Not to mention…

The Mona Lisa. The Louvre’s most famous work of art is one of the most overrated things on the planet. It’s just a slightly mediocre painting.

There will likely be a volume two of this.

6 thoughts on “Things most people like that actually suck

  1. Am I Thirty? says:

    I can’t be on board with the whole mayo thing. Mayo is the perfect condiment for any sandwich. I’m totally with you on the Fifty Shades of Grey thing. It’s horrible. And by football, I’m assuming you mean soccer (I’m so American lol). I’m not a fan of that football at all but American football is great!

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