Weekend Coffee Share: Home Comforts

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If we were having coffee this week, I’d tell you that I’m just back from another weekend at home, booked rather spontaneously to celebrate my sister passing exams and getting a new job. It was a lovely few days to recharge the batteries a little bit, before an incredibly busy few weeks in the run-up to Christmas!

From where I stand - autumn

What else has been going on? This week, I’ve been…

…reading: The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. I’ve just finished the second book of the MaddAddam trilogy, and it’s making me slightly terrified for the planet, as a good dystopia of this type should. Perhaps by the end of the third book I’ll be an eco warrior.

…watching: About Time, which is just a lovely film, and The X Factor. Total opposites.

…listening to: Love Me Like You by Little Mix, Dream by Priscilla Ahn and You Are In Love by Taylor Swift.

…shopping! After months of worrying what I was going to wear at Frankfurt, and finding nothing, a quick twenty-minute trip to Marks and Spencer of all places produced a new coat, dress and skirt that I love. (I will get better pictures, including the skirt, later.)

New coat and dress

I know a good blogger would be modelling these for you, but I’m lazy.

…going out for dinner. As well as a couple of my favourite Italians, I tried somewhere new. We went to Sarastro, a theatre-themed restaurant on Drury Lane. It was amazing, with seats from theatres – even a couple of boxes with tables set up inside – and props all over the place. I would love to write more about it, but I didn’t get decent enough photos. Just means I need to go back…!


I need a phone with a better camera…

…feeling: contented. It’s been a week of cosy evenings and plenty of home comforts. And Christmas feels like it’s on the way now, which always brightens up the dark nights and mornings!


Hope you have all had a lovely weekend!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Home Comforts

  1. Charlene says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a lovely couple of weeks – especially catching up with family (and your pooch!) and listening to Taylor Swift!


    p.s. that Marks and Spencer dress is gorgeous – very sophisticated!

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