Seven more things about me

Thank you to Lauren, who has very kindly nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. (No, this is not another blog of mine and no, I am not nominating myself.)

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated for this before, and you can read that post here, but since I thought of seven more weird things about myself I’m going to accept again, because why not?

  1. I apparently didn’t do a very good job of learning facial expressions when I was a kid. I get told I look confused at least once a month, at times when I am not in the slightly bit confused. I think it must be my resting face…
  1. I have Bill Nighy’s autograph, because he was filming a TV show outside my dad’s office, and he went in to use the loo.
  1. I love Romain Duris, the French actor, and at a bar during the Edinburgh Festival I saw someone who looked like him. I thought nothing of it, and my friend went to the bar to get a drink. She came back and said the guy was French and asking for directions somewhere…
  1. I’m really good at guessing the time. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night I could often tell you the time to the minute.
  1. I currently have a rather sore burn on the inside of my mouth after being a little too keen to eat some carbonara…
  1. A rather serious knowledge gap of mine was never having heard Bohemian Rhapsody until I was about fourteen years old.
  1. Zebra crossings stress me out. I would have to cross two to get to the supermarket nearest work, so I’ve started going to one farther away to avoid the ‘Are you going to stop/go?’ dance.


There we have it! I know some people don’t always respond to these as it doesn’t fit in with their blogs, so I will just give you a few recommendations of blogs I enjoy:

Wendi and Liz are two of my absolute favourite bloggers. I wish they lived in London or I lived in the US so we could hang out, because it would be hilarious.

Pink Elephant on Parade is excellent.

Jenny was a book blogger who has branched out, and she is lovely.

I love reading this lady’s poems.

Why? Because Science is both funny and educational – what’s not to like?

I always say this, but read Becky Says Things.

9 thoughts on “Seven more things about me

  1. thisthatandtheotherthang says:

    Haha! You and I both were too quick for the draw on our dinner, girl. I’m battling one heck of a wicked burn in the space between my two front teeth right now after being a tad too ambitious with my pizza last night. Whenever I think of Bohemian Rhapsody I can’t help but think of this:

    Leaves me in stiches every. time.

    Lastly, you are too darn sweet! Thanks so much for the shout out hon! I am so incredibly lucky to have “met” you through this little ‘ol blog and I can’t tell you how amazing it would be for you, Liz and I to all meet up one of these days. It would be the most epic of girls’ weekends! I have always wanted to go to London…;)

    Thanks so much again! Love you mucho! xoxo

  2. Am I Thirty? says:

    I have a confession to make. I have never heard the term Zebra Crossings before. At first I was like this cannot be the same as a Deer Crossing sign. Zebras just don’t roam free in London, do they? A google search let me know that I’m an idiot and should have know what you meant.

    Thanks for the shout out! It would be so amazing if you, me, and Wendi could hang out one day! Talk about a good time. Maybe one of these days we’ll find ourselves at the same place at the same time.

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