Best Brunch of the Year

Now my round-up and highlights posts have begun, I’m dedicating a mini post to my favourite brunch of the year. Or, should I say, ‘brunch’. There was unlimited champagne and I had a roast, so this was really just a day’s worth of meals in one sitting.


Pastry and champagne

We went to the Villandry (St James’s), where they do a bottomless champagne brunch for £40. Sure, it’s pricey, but it was a treat for our friends visiting… and we can definitely drink our money’s worth in champagne!

Villandry breakfast

Villandry English Breakfast

You begin with champagne (how else, dahling?) and a pastry, then there is a choice of too many types of eggs and other breakfasts. I, however, spotted that I could have a roast dinner if I paid a supplement, so I had roast chicken for brunch, because why on earth wouldn’t you? (I don’t see this on the menu on their website, so don’t rely on it, but it was amazing!)

Villandry roast

Roast chicken dinner

Then there was a platter of five little cakes, including a macaron and a chocolate option, which is really all I’m after.

Villandry desserts

Cake platter

It was an absolutely lovely afternoon, with excellent company, endless champagne and good food! There we have it – best brunch of the year!


Cheers to that!

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