Parlo un po’ di italiano

3. Learn some Italian and German.

Ciao! Come va? Mi chiamo Lauren. Come si scrive? L-A-U-R-E-N. Ho ventisei anni. Non so ancora come si dice il mio lavoro in italiano, ma posso dire che ‘Il profesore lavora in una scuola’ o che ‘La commessa lavora in un negozio’.

In un bar: ‘Vorrei un bicchiere di vino bianco’ o ‘un cocktail’.

Posso coniugare i verbi regolare e anche ‘avere’:







In un ristorante, di solito io prendo gli spaghetti alla carbonara. Mi piace mangiare, ma non cucino mai. Preferisco leggere, viaggiare o scrivere il mio blog.


Or, in English…

Hi, how’s it going? I’m Lauren. How do you spell that? [What a shame you can’t hear my pronunciation of these amazing Italian letters! Elle, erre, enne!] I am 26. I still don’t know how to say my job in Italian [neither did the teacher], but I can say that ‘The teacher works in a school’ or that ‘The sales assistant works in a shop’. [Bad translation of the definite article there, but whatever. ‘Teachers work in schools’ is the grand relevation.]

In a bar: ‘I would like a glass of white wine’ or [more likely] ‘a cocktail’.

I can conjugate regular verbs and also [the irregular verb] to have [as well as fare, essere and a few others that were useful!]:

I have

You have

He, she, it has [it’s not very interesting in English]

In a restaurant, I usually have spaghetti carbonara. I like to eat, but I never cook. I prefer reading, travelling or writing my blog.


I am sure there are errors in that because sono stanca [one of the least pretty Italian phrases – ‘I am tired’]. However, I am happy to have finally completed a beginners’ course in Italian! Adesso, parlo un po’ di italiano! Perhaps I’ll get to German next year…?


4 thoughts on “Parlo un po’ di italiano

  1. I have been learning Italian on Duolingo! Haha. I am so proud to say that I could read and understand a solid 90% of that! Win! That website does help. This just gave me motivation to try harder haha. I love learning new languages, but it frustrates me how quickly they disappear from your brain. I studied Spanish for a whole year and I think I’ve lost 90% of the language…Simply because I haven’t used it. Ugh >.<

    • Well done! I should really use that to try to keep learning. It is so difficult to keep languages fluent when we aren’t using them every day. I did French and Spanish at university and am amazed at how much I’ve forgotten…! Still love them though!

  2. That is so awesome that you’re learning another language. My job recently got Rosetta Stone so I could use it for free. That’s my goal for 2016. Learn the basics of a completely new language..Or finally become fluent Spanish since I’ve taken Spanish in school since the 2nd grade.

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