Parlo un po’ di italiano

3. Learn some Italian and German.

Ciao! Come va? Mi chiamo Lauren. Come si scrive? L-A-U-R-E-N. Ho ventisei anni. Non so ancora come si dice il mio lavoro in italiano, ma posso dire che ‘Il profesore lavora in una scuola’ o che ‘La commessa lavora in un negozio’.

In un bar: ‘Vorrei un bicchiere di vino bianco’ o ‘un cocktail’.

Posso coniugare i verbi regolare e anche ‘avere’:







In un ristorante, di solito io prendo gli spaghetti alla carbonara. Mi piace mangiare, ma non cucino mai. Preferisco leggere, viaggiare o scrivere il mio blog.


Or, in English…

Hi, how’s it going? I’m Lauren. How do you spell that? [What a shame you can’t hear my pronunciation of these amazing Italian letters! Elle, erre, enne!] I am 26. I still don’t know how to say my job in Italian [neither did the teacher], but I can say that ‘The teacher works in a school’ or that ‘The sales assistant works in a shop’. [Bad translation of the definite article there, but whatever. ‘Teachers work in schools’ is the grand relevation.]

In a bar: ‘I would like a glass of white wine’ or [more likely] ‘a cocktail’.

I can conjugate regular verbs and also [the irregular verb] to have [as well as fare, essere and a few others that were useful!]:

I have

You have

He, she, it has [it’s not very interesting in English]

In a restaurant, I usually have spaghetti carbonara. I like to eat, but I never cook. I prefer reading, travelling or writing my blog.


I am sure there are errors in that because sono stanca [one of the least pretty Italian phrases – ‘I am tired’]. However, I am happy to have finally completed a beginners’ course in Italian! Adesso, parlo un po’ di italiano! Perhaps I’ll get to German next year…?

4 thoughts on “Parlo un po’ di italiano

  1. Kendel | Little Misadventures says:

    I have been learning Italian on Duolingo! Haha. I am so proud to say that I could read and understand a solid 90% of that! Win! That website does help. This just gave me motivation to try harder haha. I love learning new languages, but it frustrates me how quickly they disappear from your brain. I studied Spanish for a whole year and I think I’ve lost 90% of the language…Simply because I haven’t used it. Ugh >.<

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      Well done! I should really use that to try to keep learning. It is so difficult to keep languages fluent when we aren’t using them every day. I did French and Spanish at university and am amazed at how much I’ve forgotten…! Still love them though!

  2. Am I Thirty? says:

    That is so awesome that you’re learning another language. My job recently got Rosetta Stone so I could use it for free. That’s my goal for 2016. Learn the basics of a completely new language..Or finally become fluent Spanish since I’ve taken Spanish in school since the 2nd grade.

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