Guest Post: Femsplain’s 16 for 2016

It is almost time for me to declare my sixteen goals for 2016, but I’m not 100% set on them yet! Giving me some ideas and a little more thinking time, the brilliant team at Femsplain have let me know what they would like to achieve next year. 


As December draws to a close, the team at Femsplain have been chatting about how 2015 went for us. It hasn’t always been easy: we went through heart-aches, arguments, and disappointments; we felt scared, we felt lonely, and sometimes we just felt a little sad. But you know what? It’s also been a great year. Some of us got brand new jobs; some of us moved to an exciting new part of the world; some of us fell in love. And we cheered Femsplain on as it got bigger and better, and our little gang grew into the crazy-supportive community we have today. (Don’t feel left out; you’re all welcome! Have you joined in our #LetMeFemsplain Tuesday Twitter chat yet?)

Yeah, it’s been a pretty spectacular year, and now we’re thinking of all the ways we can make 2016 even better. Here are our 16 resolutions for 2016.

  1. Spend more time outside.
  2. Spend less time comparing myself to others.
  3. Use those art supplies I’ve got stored in a drawer somewhere!
  4. Get your butt to yoga, Anna!
  5. Do more activities by yourself. Enjoy the silence.
  6. Stop, breathe, and look at how far you’ve come.

– resolutions by Anna Gragert

  1. Organize myself to pursue and prioritize what I want to do — such as teach abroad in Colombia, finish my poetry manuscript, and consistently practice yoga.
  2. Read more POC writers!

–resolutions by Danielle Corcione

  1. Start a dinner club. Make new friends, create new conversations, have something to look forward to once a month, and be brave enough to try new cuisines! It will also allow me to have some extracurricular activities. (Note to self: working at all hours is not an extracurricular activity.)

– resolution by Nicole Schuman

  1. Work out.
  2. Eat better.
  3. Sleep more.
  4. But the main thing I need to focus on is to relax more. I don’t mean snuggling down and watching a movie or unwinding in the bath (I do that enough!); mentally, I need to chill. I want the new year to bring about a new, more zen look at my perception of other people and myself.

– resolutions by Iona Nichols

  1. Stop using technology an hour before I go to bed.
  2. Be a better vegan (stop drunk-eating mozzarella sticks!)
  3. Make time to see my friends. No matter how busy I feel, these are the people who will matter in the end.

– resolutions by Emma Oulton

But the most important thing is to know that we’re all going to fall off the wagon sometimes, and it’s not the end of the world if we don’t stick to our goals all year round. Here’s to trying our best in 2016, and loving ourselves anyway!

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