15 in 2015: Results

I’m actually a little terrified by how recently it feels like I wrote my round-up post for 2014. This year has passed unbelievably quickly, but it’s been a good one.

Last year, I achieved 9.5 out of 14. (Yes, you can half-achieve a goal, didn’t you know?) How did my 15 in 2015 go?


1. Visit fifty new places

I think I managed this in London alone! Fourteen of my London favourites are here. I also visited Bologna, Rome and Frankfurt for the first time – each was lovely and they were all completely different.

2. Go on holiday

Rome, with a day in the Vatican City.


3. Learn some Italian and German

I completed a beginner’s course in Italian, but only learned a few German words, none of which I can remember right now…

4. Read two books a month

I averaged three! My top ten books of 2015 are here.


5. Go to a dance class

I have been attending zumba somewhat sporadically as it takes place on Saturday morning. However, I love it, and will make more effort to go next year!

6. Learn how to make a cocktail

A friend taught me how to make porn star martinis, but unfortunately I’ve forgotten how! Although we did have a work pub quiz with a round of questions about cocktail ingredients, and that was my best one…

7. Keep a ‘happiness jar’

I wish I had remembered to write more! I am going to do this again next year and try to get into the habit of doing this at the end of each day or week, as I have probably forgotten lots of lovely little things. However, you can find a list of sixty-odd things that made me happy this year here.

8. Submit a poem to a competition or magazine

I didn’t do this! I could have, but I haven’t given any time to writing this year, so it would mean submitting something older and I’m not sure anything is particularly good.

9. Volunteer

I am part of my company’s fundraising committee, but I haven’t completed this goal as I envisaged. I want to find a charity event outside of work to help with next year, or perhaps assist somewhere more long-term. I’m particularly interested in the work of Age UK and their befriending service, but if I were going to do something like that then I should really make more effort to call my own gran more often!

10. Spend less time on the computer

I now have a desk job, so I’m not sure how I thought this was going to work. Outside of work I possibly do spend less time on the computer because my social life is busier; however, I still waste a lot of time on the laptop.

11. Save money every month/Treat myself once a month/Find one great free thing to do in London each month.

I could not get this goal right! By accident, I have managed to save a little this year. As this was through no conscious effort, I don’t think I can count this as achieved. I undoubtedly treated myself one a month, so the second incarnation of the goal was achieved. As for the third, I had already visited a lot of the more well-known free museums – next year, I want to visit some of the less obvious places.

Model Market with plane

12. Eat a greater variety of food

I have been quite pleased with myself on this one. I’ve eaten Chinese food, Greek, Mexican, and although I haven’t liked a lot of things I’ve tried, I can at least say I tried pigs’ ears and that’s a little weird.

13. Gain 500 blog followers

Yes! Thank you for reading!

14. Respond to the WordPress Daily Prompt or Challenges twice a month

Although I answered none in January, I thought these might average out at two a month but I only have 23 for the year instead of 24! Very close though!

15. Comment on other blogs at least once a week

This isn’t something I have done actively, but using my lunch hour to catch up with other people’s blogs – reading, liking and commenting – means I believe I have managed this one.

I achieved fifty new places, a holiday, two books read each month, going to a dance class, eating a greater variety of food, 500 blog followers and commenting on other blogs.

I’m giving myself half marks for learning Italian, learning (if forgetting) how to make a cocktail, my happiness jar, volunteering, saving money and writing challenges, which means a result of…

10/15 goals achieved in 2015.

I’m quite happy with that! It seems a bit daft not to have managed some of the seemingly simpler ones, like submitting a poem to a competition, but hey – that’s something to think about for 2016!

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