Three Weeks in London

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If we were having coffee, I’d apologise for not being able to catch up sooner. February has been crazy! I didn’t realise I’ve only posted once in three weeks, and this was a post made up of quotes (so largely written by other people) and I had to take an hour and a half out of my already-too-short sleeping time to write it.

However, I’m not complaining, because it has been a brilliant, fun month. I’m just thinking that, in future, for the sake of my sanity and my savings (and my blog), I am going to stay in two nights a week.

So what’s been going on? Well, enough to create content for several posts, but instead I’ll summarise as best I can – and write shorter posts sooner in future!

Eating and drinking

OXBO Bankside. I am currently recovering from their bottomless roast – endless starters, endless desserts and endless Prosecco, with a roast dinner as your main course. It was, quite simply, amazing.

Cork and Bottle. A simply doorway in Leicester Square leads downstairs to this little restaurant and lots of wine. They are famous for their ham and cheese pie, so it would have been rude not to try it. It was good, but I couldn’t even finish it – it was a very big bit of pie!


Cheese and ham pie, Cork and Bottle

Vapiano. They have these in 31 countries apparently, so perhaps you’ve come across one. You get a card when you arrive, then you go up to the counters and choose your food and it is prepared right there in front of you. I had carbonara, of course, and it was really good.


The Swan. I’ve been here before, so it doesn’t count as a new place visited, but it’s a great bar beside Shakespeare’s Globe. I’ve never been a massive gin fan, but their gin cocktails are so good that I actually order them. There’s one called Twinkle (gin, elderflower and Champagne) which is especially nice.



Hand to God, Vaudeville Theatre. This was billed as a cross between The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q. Well, it was about religion and contained puppets, but sadly the similarities ended there. It had its funny moments, but the end felt like it was trying to be profound, and it just wasn’t.

The End of Longing, Playhouse. I’ll be honest: I went to see this because it’s Matthew Perry. I’m sure 99% of people are going for the same reason. I had read terrible reviews and for some reason thought it was going to be a bit dreary, but the aim (for the first half, at least) was to be funny, and it had some good laugh-out-loud moments. You could feel the influence of sit-coms, with quick scene changes and bursts of music while these were taking place. As for the acting and script, I could see the criticisms, but I was always going to go and see it once.

Mrs Henderson Presents, Noel Coward Theatre. I didn’t expect much from this, to be honest, but it was my favourite show of the month. I’ve been listening to a couple of the songs ever since!

Something different

Bowling at All Star Lanes. I’ve never been before, but it’s a bowling chain that’s retro-style with a restaurant and bar alongside the lanes. Considering the bowling alley in my hometown, I was not expecting a bar this cute:

Cabaret at the British Film Institute. The BFI on the South Bank was showing Cabaret, which I’d never seen before. It was introduced by Greg Dyke, the outgoing chairman of the BFI, and there was a surprise when he was presented with a Fellowship by Melvyn Bragg. It was a gorgeous place to see a film. Cabaret was fantastic, though disturbing.

A Conversation with Alfonso Cuarón. My housemate and I had a super cultured Friday evening at the Science Museum where they had ‘A Conversation with Alfonso Cuarón’. He was talking about Gravity, which I’ve actually never seen, but I want to watch it now! He was a funny guy. I need to get along to the Science Museum’s Cosmonauts exhibition too.

Valentine’s Day. I had a lovely Valentine’s Day/weekend, which is definitely something different for me! And I finally got to visit St Paul’s Cathedral. I’ve visited a lot of cathedrals, but this has to one of the most stunning. The ceiling is absolutely beautiful and golden, there is so much to see, and you can climb the dome to take in views of London. Unfortunately it was a bit cloudy, so my photos are very grey, but I like this one because you get an idea of the height:

View from dome of St Paul's

It has been a brilliant few weeks! Anyway, that is probably enough for one post. I hope you’ve all had a good February, and will check in sooner next time.

Have a great week!

4 thoughts on “Three Weeks in London

  1. Diana says:

    Sounds like an amazing time!! St. Paul’s is so lovely—-the view from the top is totally worth making the effort of climbing those twisty steps!

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