Sway This Way: Sway Bar, London

I never take much (any) convincing to go along to blogger events, especially when pizza and Prosecco are on offer. However, I particularly enjoyed a recent event at the newly refurbished Sway Bar in Covent Garden.


I had never been before, so I’ve only seen its makeover, but the place looks fantastic. When you walk in, you’re in the upstairs bar and restaurant area, where you can order £9 pizzas and some classic cocktails. As well as the main bar, there is an island bar where we were sitting, so we had our own bartender, Romeo, showing us how to make cocktails: Mojitos, an Old Fashioned, Mai Tai, and a champagne cocktail with a sugar cube in it, which I missed the name of by the time I drank the other three. The Mojito was probably the best Mojito I’ve ever had.



Throughout our mini cocktail class, we got to try some of the pizzas, salads and charcuterie selection from the menu. My favourite was the classic margherita, but the salads were interesting if you like salad!

When we went, the club wasn’t open yet, but we did get to have a look around. Once again, it looks fantastic. There were movie-star mirrors – we couldn’t resist these:

Or the ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall’ moment:


The first main room has booths lining the walls, and little light-up signs above these that you can presumably customise for your event. There is another with even more space for dancing (the photo with the purple bar), and a room with words all over the walls and floor, which I believe is the ‘selfie room’:

I’m going to get some friends together to see what it’s like for a night out, because it’s such a good-looking place. (And it really was an amazing Mojito.)

Thank you, Sway, for showing us around and for the lovely food and cocktails. I’ll be back soon!

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