Reasons to Love London #1: Theatre

Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits! Happy 1st of March!

I’ve decided I’m too hard on London. Sure, the commute is awful and the price of almost everything is sky high, but I need to stop taking for granted the good things. So I’m starting a little feature – Reasons to Love London – to remind me of them. I’ll aim for one a month!

The first thing I have gone for is the theatre. I am a massive fan of musicals in particular, and I definitely make the most of all these amazing shows on my doorstep. In the past year and five months (where on earth did that time go?!) I have actually lost count of the number of shows I’ve been to – easily one a month on average. This year, it has got slightly ridiculous: I’ve averaged almost a show a week. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bankrupt myself – taking advantage of all the deals on and having a few lucky breaks has allowed me to see more than I thought.

So far in 2016, there has been The Lorax, Close to You, Cirque Berserk, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hand to God, The End of Longing and Mrs Henderson Presents. And so, after a whirlwind couple of months, I promised myself that I would quite simply do less in March. After all, there’s no need to try to do and see everything right this second! (And my gym membership has been seriously neglected. And I’d like to blog more.)

Instead, what has happened is I’ve lined up a show a night for the first three days of March: Beyond the Fence, the first musical conceived largely by computer; As You Like It, but acted out by condiments (only in London); and Three Generations of Women in Greenwich, a show about the horrors of moving back in with your parents as a 30-something. I know, I know what I said, but these finish on Saturday and Sunday! There’s no time to waste!

Speaking of, I need to run! I’ve got to go and see some salt and pepper shakers acting out Shakespeare!

2 thoughts on “Reasons to Love London #1: Theatre

  1. Am I Thirty? says:

    This is a great idea. Can’t wait to read more. You’ve inspired me, maybe I should do something like this with New York. I could always use a reminder that I actually live in a great city.

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