Sunday, Sofa Day

I finally saw Die Hard today! For someone who watches so many films, I have managed to miss a lot of the big names.

I tried to rectify this with my goals a couple of years ago, resolving to watch Forrest Gump, The Matrix, The Godfather, Inception and Gone With the Wind, as I found these were referenced a lot, and it would help me to know what people were talking about. They were all better than I expected, although that really should have been expected for such massive movies – they are famous for a reason!

Continuing my film education, my housemate insisted I had to watch Die Hard. Well, today we had a day with no plans and nowhere to be, which was a nice change, so we settled on a sofa each and watched films all day.

Now, I finally understand why people call Die Hard a Christmas film; I have seen the proof that Bruce Willis is a bad-ass and that Alan Rickman played an excellent villain; and I realise what Sarah is referencing when she randomly quotes, ‘Hans, bubby’ or ‘Shoot the glass’. (No, neither of these make sense in real life – or you would hope not – but we are the generation that can communicate via Friends quotes, so we know the inexplicable excellence of a random quotation.)

It was also better than I expected it to be, but it’s unlikely to be a film I watch over and over again, and my very favourite films do tend to be the ones I never get tired of. The films I love most are those I watched in my teens and just kept watching: Ten Things I Hate About You, A Walk to Remember, When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Bring It On. They’re fun or easy to watch or relatable in some way.

Of course, I always like to be able to say I’ve seen more, so I will still be trying to broaden my film knowledge by watching the odd famous film in amongst the Disney and rom-coms. Saving Private Ryan is probably next on the list, although my housemate vetoed it today with an expression that lets me know it will be far, far from the easy-to-watch films that I enjoy…

The next lazy Sunday I have, I can do as I did today – balance it with a film I know I’ll love. Today Die Hard was sandwiched between Insurgent and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, so it’s been a great day all in all!

Hope you’ve had a good weekend!

5 thoughts on “Sunday, Sofa Day

  1. thisthatandtheotherthang says:

    Oh my stars I LOVE this idea! There is nothing better than a lazy Sunday on the couch watching some incredible flicks! P.S. Saving Private Ryan is a great movie, very hard to watch but one that I think everyone needs to see at least once. Let me know what you think of it!

  2. VocareMentor says:

    Unlike you, I can watch Die Hard over and over. It’s #20 on my top 25 favorite films list. Hope you don’t put off Saving Private Ryan too long (#10 on my fav list). Keep up the good work in catching up in your viewing. Good post!

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