Time Capsule

This week’s blogging challenge is entitled ‘For posterity’, where we are to capture something that is about to disappear to preserve it.

It seems particularly fitting at this point in time, when the world is changing so much. Then again, the world is changing all the time, and it is different through each set of eyes that looks at it.

Therefore, I’ve decided to think about what I would put in a time capsule of the world as I know it right now:

  • An iPod. There is going to be a lot of technology in this time capsule, so we’re going to need one of those crazy space batteries. On this iPod, I would put songs by McFly, Taylor Swift, Nashville, and almost all of the musicals.

Nashville in Concert, London

  • A computer. It would have tabs open on Facebook, Twitter and WordPress, to give them an idea about social media and blogging – perhaps social media will simply be their way of communicating by then. Perhaps the earth will be so polluted that people will live in machines from birth, and only interact with each other virtually.
  • There would be the films When Harry Met Sally, My Best Friend’s Wedding and Ten Things I Hate About You.
  • There would be also be videos of people saying hello in every language, cute animals, and the 2011 Canadian Grand Prix.
  • A phone. Complete with crazy WhatsApp conversations.

Technology is such a massive part of our lives already, and this will only become more exaggerated in the future, so what about everything else?

  • Books! Books about Winnie-the-Pooh and Harry Potter (explaining that HP was most definitely fiction, in case we have discovered magic by then), and books featuring dystopias that might (scarily) have come true. And children’s books like Guess How Much I Love You. Perhaps parenting will no longer be a thing by then, so this concept will seem incredibly bizarre, but this is one of the most wonderful books about it.


  • Poems about love, friendship, life and death.
  • The taste of chocolate and raspberries, the smell of flowers, the feel of grass under your feet, the warmth of sunshine on your face – well, you can’t bottle these, but I would want people to know them. (I guess you could bottle the taste of something, but it’s not the same!)
  • If it were possible for food to last, I’d include carbonara, lasagne, and chicken, gravy and mashed potatoes.


  • A pillow and a soft toy.
  • A beautiful handbag, containing keys, coins, an Oyster card and an umbrella. In days of microchips and a controlled climate, these will be the equivalent of fossils.
  • A notebook and pen. (Although perhaps no one will know how to write anymore.)
  • Photographs. Photos of London, Edinburgh, Paris and Salamanca, the cities where I lived, and pictures from my trip across the United States; photos of cafés where I ate, and the food that I ate there, the buildings I visited, the views that I loved, and sunsets I saw.

London sunset

  • A map would point out where these places are. It would also mark where some of the world’s most famous sights could be found. Who knows what will have disappeared in 200 years?
  • Photos, cards and letters of and from my favourite people.

I know this list is completely skewed – it largely captures the good things, rather than everything – but if we’re talking about things that I would want to preserve, then that would be the good.

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