Photo diary: a weekend in London

This weekend, my sister came to visit. And it seems that we spent most of the time eating and drinking…

TGI Friday: I thanked God it was my Friday on Thursday evening, with cocktails, Cajun chicken pasta and cookie dough cheesecake.

cookie dough cheesecake

Friday, Breakfast Club: we both opted for the All American breakfast at the Breakfast Club.

DSC00345 (2)

Aqua Shard: The most expensive drink I’ve ever had.


Although the view wasn’t bad:


House of MinaLima: We had a wander around the pop-up shop of the team behind the Harry Potter graphic work.


Friday evening: we went for pasta at Bar Remo and to see Sunny Afternoon, which is awesome. That’s the third time I’ve seen it now!

Saturday: After getting some last-minute tickets from the TKTS booth in Leicester Square, we stopped for pasta. Again. Then we were walking past Harry Potter and the Curse Child and there were barriers everywhere, so of course I stuck my camera over the top:


No J. K. Rowling at that point, though! It was time for Guys and Dolls:


What a brilliant show, with Oliver Tompsett as Sky Masterson (he was the first Fiyero I saw!) and Rebel Wilson as Miss Adelaide.

There was time for more food and drinks at Grace Bar…

Then it was time to celebrate the release of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! It was the most excited I have been for a book that I do not plan on reading. (Until I have seen the play, that is.) My friend got a Dark Mark, because of course she did.

After the midnight launch, there was time for a few hours’ sleep before afternoon tea at my favourite – BB Bakery.



Then it was time for my sister to head home. It was a brilliant weekend! Definitely time for a quiet week now, though…!

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