I love the word ‘maybe’. On a purely superficial level, it’s a pretty sounding word.

Of course, its meaning is better. Perhaps. Possibly. It can be used negatively, of course: ‘Maybe I just won’t see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child if the ticket system is so frustrating.’ For me, though, it’s hopeful. I like the possibility of the positive. Maybe tomorrow will be one of the best days of your life, you don’t know.

The concept is making me think of a book I’m really excited about which is published tomorrow: Miss You by Kate Eberlen. It’s about a couple and all the moments their paths cross before they ever actually meet. It sounds just up my street. Who knows, maybe you sat beside your partner on the train five years ago and didn’t even look at them.

The word ‘maybe’ also makes me think of musicals. So many of them celebrate that moment where everything’s still possible. ‘Maybe this time I’ll win,’ says Sally Bowles in that fantastic song in Cabaret (even if she doesn’t quite believe it). ‘Maybe at last I’ll know why,’ sings Elphaba in Wicked. ‘Maybe now this prayer’s the last one of its kind,’ says Annie in Annie. Things don’t turn out exactly as she wanted, but they are still good. Maybe you won’t get what you want. Maybe that will be OK.

This has now started me listening to the Annie soundtrack, and I’ve just got to say that Tomorrow is one of the most uplifting songs on the planet. I’m sure my housemates will be thrilled at my attempts to sing it. It has been a difficult week at work, but this is making me feel so much better. I should get it on my iPod as an antidote to nuisances.

Maybe tomorrow will be better!

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