I’m still here

I am writing this on my lunch break because the server is down. I know, for a company, it makes sense to try to fix these things during lunch, but I can’t be productive in a life-admin way without the Internet. (Of course, I know some people reading this won’t even get/take lunch breaks, so I shouldn’t complain too much. And now the Internet is fixed, so I can actually post this.)

Things have been really busy as I’ve had less than three weeks to prepare for moving, with one weekend spent back home in Scotland – not the best timing, but it was lovely to catch up with everyone! We spent a day at the Fringe in Edinburgh and managed to see four shows: The Miserables, a modern-day parody of Les Mis set in an office – recommended; Rotating Bill, which had a couple of good comedians and a couple of not-so-good ones, but it was free so that wasn’t so bad; Impromptunes, who do improvised musicals, although if I had a choice I would probably pick Showstopper as they are so, so good; and Daniel Sloss, who was really funny.

We spent the Sunday at Luss, Loch Lomond. Despite a poor weather forecast, and drizzle until about 3, the afternoon cleared right up and it was a gorgeous day.


If you go to this part of the Loch, the Village Rest is a good place to stop for food – lots of great pub food, and absolutely lovely staff.

Now I am back in London, with three days until the move. We got the keys last night, a little earlier than anticipated, so it’s all really happening!

Of course, that means as well as all the cleaning and clearing, packing and unpacking, we have to think about all the boring, practical things like Internet, gas, electricity, water, joint accounts, and changing addresses on absolutely everything. I also have some bills in my name in my current house share, which was a very stupid thing to take on – transferring a TV licence is not as simple as it should be!

Anyway, complaints aside, I am so excited to move my stuff and start setting things up the way I want them. The places I’ve stayed have always had a temporary air about them, because I knew I would be leaving after a university term or year. In fact, my current house is the longest place I’ve stayed away from home, at just under two years. I cannot believe it! Time seems to move so much quicker since I’ve moved to London that it feels as short a stay as the others.

The landlord has already said that it is OK to put up pictures, which is great because I have a gorgeous painting of Edinburgh waiting to go on the walls, which I got as a present for moving to London in the first place. I have a fluffy throw (borrowed from home…) that will make things look cosier, as well as some new towels to go with the spotless bathroom. And my mum gifted us a red microwave, which I’m overly excited about.

Anyway, time to get back to work, but I thought I should check in quickly – just in case I don’t get all the boring stuff sorted right away, and (heaven forbid) I’m stuck without Internet…

2 thoughts on “I’m still here

  1. Amy says:

    Yes, the dreaded no internet when you move house, it happens to us all i’m afraid! Are you moving in with your partner? Hope it all goes smoothly and hope you get internet installed soon haha! xx

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