My Favourite TV Shows

Hello! I have now moved and I have indeed been left without internet, and will be for a whole month – 500MB of mobile data REALLY doesn’t suffice. I have resorted to writing this in advance and quickly typing it up at the office. Until my flat is more organised, my head is going to be a mess, so I’ll post a proper update next week. However, apart from one minor disaster with the kitchen sink and the washing machine, all is well.

For now, writing a list is easier! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and this week’s is TV-themed, so I’m simply going to list my favourite shows:

Friends. My sister and I can practically converse in Friends quotes. Memorable expressions from this show wormed their way into the vocabulary of almost an entire generation. (Only of Brits, apparently. My American friend tells me the show hasn’t really had the same lasting impact in the States.) We can refer to these characters like we’re talking about actual friends, and most people know who you mean.

Grey’s Anatomy. Oh, the drama. As if being set in a hospital wasn’t dramatic enough in itself, this lot’s relationships chop and change quicker than the surgeons (sorry) – not to mention the episodes that leave us shocked, knowing that no character is safe.

Nashville. Messy relationships and country music is a winning combination. This TV show has infiltrated the rest of my life through its songs.

Pretty Little Liars. A show just bursting with beautiful people and some really sinister stories, this is my new favourite show to binge on Netflix. (Well, it was, before I was left completely disconnected from the modern world.)

The O.C. It was smart and funny – one of the best American teen dramas. Seth and Summer forever.

One Tree Hill. One of the best things about One Tree Hill was that from about season four or five onwards, they always thought they were having their last season, so final episodes are these big emotional goodbyes, occasionally with a random cliffhanger tagged on the end. I loved when they went for deep and meaningful messages at the end, and although it never quite achieved the popularity of some of the rest of these programmes, it is one of the shows that I watched the longest. (Hayley and Nathan forever. Cute couples get me invested in shows.)

Once Upon a Time. I love reimagining fairy tales, and this series does it over and over again. I like seeing familiar characters in new lights – baddies as goodies and vice versa – and their ideas of how the different fairy tales could link. I actually wrote a whole post on my love for this TV show here.

Charmed. I adored Charmed. I loved that the focus was on the bond between sisters, although the other relationships were brilliant too, particularly Phoebe and Cole and, of course, Piper and Leo. (I also loved the magic, but it made me want to be able to orb and I still wish that I could.)


I could only think of eight that were my proper favourites; I am sure I have forgotten something. However I loved all the rest of these at the times I watched them, so I’m giving them honourable mentions:

The Big Bang Theory. My list is almost exclusively American dramas, so I thought I’d throw another sitcom in there. I’ve missed the past couple of seasons, but I always find this easy to watch, since the episodes are so short and it’s prime time on E4. (E4 is the best channel.)

Instant Star. I’m not sure if I am the only person that watched this, but my teen self thought it was amazing. It was about Jude, a teenager who got a record deal, and her relationship with her producer and so on. The songs were brilliant, and I still have them on my iPod.

Smallville. I start watching this really late. (In fact, I always started watching TV shows late, except for Nashville and One Tree Hill.) As a result it was season six when I first caught an episode, and although I wasn’t really interested in superhero programmes, I was interested in Oliver Queen. Then I got into the programme, and ended up watching it all.

Gilmore Girls. Sometimes I loved the quick, intelligent speech and other times I found it annoying that almost everyone has that same voice, but the mother-daughter relationship was brilliant. (And, before you ask, I am team Jess.)

Orange is the New Black. I found the new season too disturbing, but the first one was brilliant.

Revenge. It was one of the first times I got into a TV show without liking the protagonist, but by the end of four seasons I did! I did like the plot though, and Nolan was a brilliant supporting character, so it was good to have this when all the rest of my shows were over.

Gossip Girl. I don’t have the same desire to rewatch this like the others, but Chuck and Blair were one of my favourite couples.

Sex and the City. Again, I only watched this once it was all over, but the characters are funny and outrageous (and annoying *ahem* Carrie), and it was really fun to binge-watch.

8 thoughts on “My Favourite TV Shows

  1. Diana says:

    I like almost almost all the shows on this list.Your post had me smiling when I saw Friends,One Tree Hill(can still remember the soundtrack) and OC.Have you tried watching the shows again recently?Reminded me of my undergrad years and Smallville too.I like OITNB but yes,last season was tragic and disturbing.I love BBT esp due to Dr.Sheldon Cooper,I am a season behind though.Gossip Girls,Gilmore Girls,Revenge.. In short I think we are into the same kind of shows!I have never heard of Instant Star though.

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      The One Tree Hill theme is one of the best. I actually started re-watching The O.C., since I have been stuck without Internet and I found it amongst my boyfriend’s stuff! So many of them also remind me of uni actually. We definitely have similar taste! I knew Instant Star would be a curve ball because it was just on Nickelodeon in the days before social media really kicked off, so I don’t know anyone else who saw it!

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