On This Day: 27 September

Facebook has many flaws, but the ‘On This Day’ feature is not one of them. Except for the fact that it brings with it the shocking realisation of how quickly the years pass by, it’s nice to look back on the memories and moments that prompted me or my friends to post.

So this morning, when the notification appeared that I had memories to look back on, I discovered that the 27th of September has been a fairly momentous day for me on several occasions.

Five years ago today (five years?!) was the day that I cried my eyes out over my decision to move to Paris with a friend. I had made her a drunken pinky promise that I had no intention of keeping, but when I realised I didn’t know what to do after graduation I decided to go. The 27th of September was halfway through our first week, and we were struggling big time to find a place to live. I thought I was going to have to go home and face reality. We went to a supermarket and bought a bottle of wine for €3.99 – a screw top, because we had no corkscrew – and sat it in cold water in the motel sink, because we didn’t have a fridge. After my cry, we watched When Harry Met Sally and chatted for hours, and it turned out to be one of my favourite memories with her. (Obviously not all of these details went into the status…)

Four years ago today, after that year thinking about what I would like to do with my life, I returned to university – something I said I’d never do! 27 September was the first day of my postgraduate degree – a year that was at once infuriating, frustrating, and fun-filled.

Two years ago today was one of my last days in my old job, but the 30th was the actual last day so this doesn’t completely count – but this always seems to be a time for change.

One year ago today – not on Facebook! – I met a man who would turn out to be rather important indeed.

And this 27th of September marks one month of living together, as well as another very important occasion… the day we finally, finally got broadband in the flat! Hooray!

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