It will all work itself out in the wash

It turns out that after six weeks with a not-properly-functioning washing machine, there is no sweeter sound than the sloshing of a new one.

After a month of pandering to the yellowing antique in the kitchen, including a minor flooding that seeped through the ceiling of the flat below, our landlord said we could get a new one and take it off the rent. (He’s a good guy. I am well aware that a washing machine in the flat is a luxury, not a necessity, but the old one was taunting me.)

I ordered one last Saturday morning and was so impressed when they said they could deliver the next day, even though it was a Sunday. The landlord had said to pay the extra for installation and getting rid of the old machine, so it looked like everything would be sorted in 24 hours.

I should I have known it wouldn’t be that easy! They delivered the new washing machine, but informed us they couldn’t install it because there is an extension cable to reach the pipe, and advised us to get a plumber to do it. After a week, we finally got someone round yesterday to install it and… it didn’t work. I nearly cried.

We – the wholly unqualified – had a final look at it this morning before I would give up and call Curry’s. We checked the connections and tested moving the tap in the opposite direction, but it still wouldn’t fill with water. We turned the tap back again.

I called Curry’s and was put through to the machine manufacturer, who asked me if a specific fault light came on. I replied that I didn’t remember said light, but to wait a minute and I’d select a programme and tell her what does appear. And the machine promptly filled up with water!

This time I nearly cried in my relief and at the ridiculousness of it all, and apologised profusely to the lady whose time I had wasted. It turns out the tap could be just a tiny bit more ‘on’ than it was!

Anyway, the place now looks like a launderette as I celebrate. As well as two airers of washing, bedding hanging from the doors, an old washing machine, and the new one protruding two feet out of its space as it’s too heavy to move back, things are in the wrong place all over the flat. My dad drove some of my own stuff to me yesterday, so we now have the furniture we need – we just need to put everything in it. We’re getting there, though, we’re getting there…!

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