Review: Raspberry and White Ginger candle, Skye Candles

I was recently sent a Skye Candle to feature on the blog, which was a lovely offer – thank you!


Skye Candles is – funnily enough – based on Skye, and was set up by James Robertson following work at a local soap company, where he discovered he enjoying mixing scents.

From the first sale in August 2006, the company has gradually grown to a team of eleven people, with shops in five towns/cities of Scotland. I must have walked past their Edinburgh shop so many times on the way to my old job, as they have a prime location on a little street just off the Royal Mile, within minutes of the Castle. They can also ship from their online shop around the UK, EU and rest of Europe. (Apologies to readers from elsewhere!)


The company produces candles, diffusers and air fresheners. Their founder’s flair for working out scents that will work together can be seen in the range of fragrances: there are some classics, like lavender or cinnamon, but there is also pomegranate and plum, pimento and cranberries, or vanilla and fig. Then there are blends like ‘Sleep Sensation’, designed to help you relax, which uses lavender, tea tree and grapefruit. I really want to try this one!

However, as a Scot not in Scotland, of course I love the country more than ever, so I had to pick something from the Scottish range. This collection captures bluebells, pine, heather, not to mention bog myrtle (which sounds fantastically un-candle-like) to evoke some scents of the country.

It was very difficult to pick one as they all sounded brilliant. I ended up choosing Raspberry and White Ginger because, frankly, the colour of this label would go well with my living room…


(Matches the throw on the sofa.)

So what was it like? It arrived well packaged in a box, protective paper net and lots of straw, and included little notes about the company, candle care and who packed my order, so thank you, Karen – lovely job!


The candle container itself was gorgeous, with a tartan cylinder around the candle and a minimalist white lid with the company’s logo on it.


Excuse the Artex.

The candle comes in a glass tumbler with a logo sticker. My suggestion here would be that it could be nice to carry the tartan theme onto this logo (perhaps as a border?), but I am sure they tried all these things when designing the range and decided the plain label was best!


I was really pleased with my choice – it smells lovely! It’s not overpowering (I’m not sure if this is because I have an orange one that is very strong!) but when you leave the room and go back in you can smell it again.

These candles are made from oils mixed with soya wax, which has a couple of advantages over paraffin-wax candles: they are better for the environment and better for you, as it’s a cleaner burn; plus, the candle should last longer as it burns at a lower temperature.

The wicks have apparently been designed so that no wax should be left in the glass when the candle has burnt to the bottom. I haven’t finished mine, so can’t vouch for this yet, but the candle care instructions included should help people to get the most from their candle, e.g. trimming the wick after burning, and allowing the candle to burn to the edge of the glass before extinguishing so it burns out rather than down.


When the candle is finished, if you return the glass for recycling you get a 10% discount. I love to see companies that have considered their environmental responsibilities, as well as their ethical policies – they do not test on animals.

Candles make such good gifts for housewarmings, Secret Santa, aunties’ birthdays, those occasions where you forgot you might need a gift…! I think I will be like my mother and buy a couple to ‘have in stock’. The fact that it is an independent Scottish company is a big appeal for me, so I will be more tempted to opt for these over bigger brands.


There is a great offer at the moment where all their three-wick candles are buy one, get one free, so this is a good time to buy!

Thank you so much to Skye Candles for sending this on, and to Ari for organising. I look forward to trying more!

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