I actually took today off work to tidy the flat.

Well, ‘tidy the flat’ is a slight understatement. My grand idea last Sunday of sorting my life out started fine, but unfortunately didn’t finish. Since I decided I absolutely had to have a clear-out all of my possessions and in so doing made a massive mess a few days before a very belated housewarming, I thought I would use one of the holidays I carried over to put everything back together.

I’m not the sort of person who processes everything as they go along. I am better for this at work, I promise, but when it comes to life admin, I’d love to hire someone else.

My personal email accounts contain 1700 unread messages; I have opened exactly seven in the past week. Not two months ago I unsubscribed from loads of marketing emails, but it hasn’t made much difference; I get fear of missing out if I unsubscribe from everything, which is funny considering I don’t read them. (These are next on the list to be organised.)

I’m the person who takes receipts in the supermarket so I don’t leave a mess at the checkout, then they sit in my handbag until I realise what a mess it is. Then I am usually in such a rush that I leave them on the floor. Sometimes after this, if I am quickly tidying, I hide them in the bottom of the wardrobe. I am aware this makes zero sense. It would take fifteen extra seconds to put them in the bin. It would be even easier if I didn’t take them in the first place. That didn’t stop me from finding five receipts in my handbag right now.

Not having enough space for my clothes since moving in – ahem, five months ago – meant I had so many things still stuffed in bags, and the exasperation of opening my wardrobe and hating everything/being faced with fancy dresses and summer wear in January eventually got too frustrating.

While on the case, I took all my books off the shelves, separated hardbacks from paperbacks, put the first in height order and attempted a sort of rainbow with the latter. (It doesn’t look particularly obvious, despite getting stuck for ages trying to decide which colours merge well into the next.) Then the kitchen was rearranged, the flat got a clean, I did my nails, and it was all very satisfying.

It’s like when a computer is running out of space and you defragment the disk to clean it up a bit. My head was getting cluttered with thoughts of everything being all over the place and the many things I needed to do ‘at some point’. ‘At some point’ usually means when you reach the end of your patience with yourself, and it turns out that was today. I would love for this to be the year that I learn to process instead of procrastinate…

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