Ten good things about today

Ten Good Things, 25.01.17

When real news is getting you down (and you have to specify the type of news you mean), it might help to take note of the good little things in an ordinary day.

  1. I got home on time, despite the trains being a mess. My train might have been cancelled, but there was one that was an hour delayed that was perfect timing. (For me, at least.)
  1. Hugs.
  1. Galaxy chocolate.
  1. Wine and cheese. (It is a day for all the food I like.)
  1. The cheese was only £1.60 for a whole round! (OK, this is becoming a very food-based post.
  1. It’s Burns Night, so there is poetry in Scots going about. (And I know I should be having haggis, neeps and tatties rather than French fare, but I like both. Perhaps later in the week!)
  1. Spending time with a friend.
  1. Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
  1. This woman who donated a kidney to save her friend.
  1. This video:

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