Photo Challenge: Atop

This week’s Photo Challenge is ‘Atop’.

I had trouble deciding which photo to post, as my favourites are generally all from the highest building or hill of wherever I’ve been – you can’t beat a nice view! I discovered this in Paris, when I realised how many stairs I was making my visitors climb. I remembered it climbing the many hills in Rome. Weirdly, after two-and-a-half years in London I still haven’t been to the Shard yet (well, the bar, but not the very top!), but can check off the Walkie-Talkie building, Tower Bridge, Monument, Primrose Hill and the view from the top of Greenwich Park.

For this post, here is a panorama from the Griffith Observatory in LA. (I still have the songs from La La Land going round in my head.) This was the day before I met my Trek group. Around 5000 miles from home, I had never travelled so far on my own before. (Although I still managed to meet a Scottish couple on the bus!) After months of feeling like I hadn’t been getting anywhere, literally going this far made it a surreal day.

If you click on the photo, you should be able to see a bigger version. I like all the contrasts in it: sand and greenery versus the city; hills and valleys; a grey cloud and blue skies.

LA panorama

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