Getting Organised for the New Year

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a good first day of 2018!

This blog began life as a way to keep track of my goals, so on New Year’s Day I’m inevitably thinking about what I’d like to achieve this year.

‘It’s never too late to be what you might have been.’

– George Eliot

I love this quotation, but it’s not true. It’s too late for me to be a racing driver or a ballerina or play Luna in the Harry Potter films. Fortunately, at some point (on moving out and being crushed by the everyday responsibilities of adulthood?) my goals for who I’d like to be became a bit more straightforward. It mostly boils down to this: I want to be organised.

In some ways I am: my friend was surprised when I said this, because I’m generally organised with birthday cards, events, holidays and work. I don’t make the same effort for myself, though, and I’d like to, because it has great side effects. For example:

1. I could become the type of person who remembers to use coupons. Oh yes. It’s not enough to remember to scan my loyalty card at the end of a supermarket shop, only to discover hard-earned coupons in my bag four months after they’ve expired. I’m missing out on things like double points when I next buy cheese.

2. I could have a flat tidy enough for unexpected guests. At the moment, having anyone over involves a mammoth clean-up operation. It’s not that the flat isn’t clean, it’s just that my stuff is taking over the arms of chairs and any available surface.

3. I could spend more time on hobbies. The main enabler of my time-wasting is social media. I spend too long in the mornings and evenings on Twitter, making myself despair by clicking on tweets about feminism or healthcare where I know the replies will be full of trolls. Why?! I don’t even use this as ammunition for writing; I’m purely wasting my own time.

However, ‘be more organised’ is too big and vague, so I’m going to break it down into baby steps – which individual good habits will help? I’ll also break down the year into months, and try to incorporate a few each a month, so it doesn’t mean big changes to my day.

The good habits I’d like to develop in January revolve around my bedtime routine:

  • Set my alarm for 6.30: I used to set my alarm for 6.20, and start the day on the wrong foot by scrolling through social media. 6.30 doesn’t leave as much time to be wasted!
  • Pick an outfit the night before: I waste even more time in the morning trying to decide which of my clothes I hate least, and then panicking because that top doesn’t go with those jeans, but that top needs ironed, and oh wait, none of it goes with any shoes.
  • Add something good that happened that day to my happiness jar: OK, this is not related to becoming organised, but is a nice way to finish off the day!

Most of my mini goal ideas seem to be based around my bedtime routine: making sure I’ve replied to all my messages, writing a page, making a to-do list for the next day, a five-minute tidy of the detritus I always seem to leave behind me… but as I said, baby steps!

4 thoughts on “Getting Organised for the New Year

  1. Jane Gealy says:

    I love the idea of a happiness jar! Now searching the cupboards for something suitable so we can start our own. My partner is dyslexic, so there will be a lot of amusing “what on earth?” moments to come, and will I exploit this in my blog? You betcha!

  2. Am I Thirty? says:

    I love this! I really need to get myself more organized. I can relate to number 2 way too much. My apartment is just very cluttered. That’s one thing I want to work on for 2018. I started by organizing my bookshelf yesterday. It was a small thing but it was a start. Good luck to you!

    • Lauren, Wake Up Your Luck says:

      I accidentally organised a bookshelf by pulling everything off it for a photo, then putting them back in a sort of rainbow! I think that’s the way forward – one shelf, one drawer, one surface a day! Good luck to you too!

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