Fortnightly Round-Up, 14 January 2018

For the first two weeks of 2018, I’ve been

feeling: ill. OK, I’ve only had the cold this week, but it’s my overriding feeling right now as I sit here with blocked sinuses. I’ve also been happy and excited, as my friend called to ask if I’d be her bridesmaid! The provisional wedding date is September, so I need to book a couple of weekends back home to go dress shopping (SO EXCITED!) and for the hen do, which I’ll also need to think about organising! Luckily she would be mortified by anything tacky, so perhaps afternoon tea would work?

cooking: I had my friends over for dinner last weekend, which was so lovely, and we had nachos, chilli con carne, and chocolate brownies with Prosecco-soaked strawberries! I don’t know why I don’t have people over for dinner more often, because it was so fun to host. This week I’ve been lazier because I haven’t been feeling great, but I’ve made lentil bolognese and chickpea curry, when I started to lose my sense of taste.

watching: Suits. (Just finished the end of season five – such drama!) I’m all caught up with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, which provides my weekly musical comedy fix. And speaking of musicals, I went to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman. The soundtrack is incredible. Pasek and Paul wrote the songs for La La Land (and Dear Evan Hansen if you’ve seen it, which I haven’t and wish I could now) and they are up there with all the great songwriting duos.

listening to: The Greatest Showman soundtrack, of course!

buying: well, booking, a hotel in Bologna. I’ve decided that the book fair doesn’t allow me enough (i.e. any) time to sightsee, so I’m adding a few days to my trip to be a tourist.

reading: They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. The world is a lot like ours, with one big difference: a company called Death-Cast informs people when it is their last day on earth. It makes you wonder if knowing when you’ll die would be better or worse than not knowing, and makes you think about what’s important. I also read Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women by Otegha Uwagba, which is a good pep talk for those working in the creative industries. I’m currently reading Replica by Lauren Oliver, which is two stories in one book – when you finish the first point of view, you turn the book over and start the second. I’ve started with the story of Lyra, a ‘replica’ who was cloned in a research facility.

photographing (funny word): I got an album with space for 365 photos from Adam’s parents, so another mini goal is to take a photo every day. They haven’t been the most interesting so far (lots of food) but here are a few of them, featuring our tree decorations; St Paul’s and the Royal Naval College, two of my favourite places in London; an emoji-like poppadum and an excellent birthday cake (not mine); and crackers on the train track, which I took on my way back to work as a symbol that the festivities were over!

What have you been cooking/reading/watching recently?

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