Yay for a snow day!

Oh yes, I have taken a holiday, and not to go out and play in the snow, oh no – I properly fell on the ice on Wednesday. It’s to stay inside ALL DAY and read some Robin Hobb and bake some rock cakes and do two lots of life admin and write a blog post and that’s all before 2 p.m. Sometimes I wonder how people could ever retire, then I have a day like today and realise I could quite happily get paid for this, if it weren’t highly likely that pensions won’t be a thing when I’m 70.

London rarely sees snow. This is the most snow we’ve had in the three-and-a-half years I’ve lived here, and it’s only around five centimetres of the stuff bringing the transport system to its knees. It took me two hours and twenty minutes to get to work on Wednesday. I asked to start at 10 yesterday and it still took an hour and a half, but at least I got the lie-in. It was still long enough to persuade me to book today off within two minutes of sitting down at my desk. (Thank goodness – well, my employer – for 34 paid days off.) My disgusting commute home being pressed on all side by strangers, who I might not know but definitely disliked, convinced me I’d made the right decision.


My friend has been stuck in London due to the trains being cancelled, so another friend is joining us and we’re going to have an old-school sleepover tonight with lots of food and films. (Only I’m actually cooking and we’ll drink wine. Vegetable lasagne and garlic bread, probably followed by excessive amounts of chocolate – that, at least, hasn’t changed.)

I haven’t blogged in far too long, but at least now it’s because things are good-busy again. I’ve been back to tap dancing. (Wednesday’s fall on my bum was on the way to class, so my ability to drop shuffle pick-up was hindered, but I’m just lucky I didn’t break my tail bone a month before Bologna.) I’ve been to York, which I hope I’ll write more about later, and Leeds, where I caught up with old friends from Trek America and we went to Adam’s friend’s 30th. As I said, I’ve been reading Robin Hobb, and goodness knows those 900-page epics are a time commitment (and worth every second). And I’m finally getting a handle on things at work, which is improving my mood immensely. I’m sure the lighter days are also helping.

My goals are going fine, so I’m adding another – I need to write one line each night before bed. If they turn out to be interesting I can post them here, like microblogging, or if it turns out it encourages writing for longer, then brilliant.

Anyway, I’m away to go and make even more use of this bonus day. I highly recommend taking a day off work just for yourself, if you can. Usually we save holidays for trips away or for when visitors are here, which is lovely too, but this really feels like stealing time – a day free from pressure, doing whatever I like, and still a whole weekend to look forward to! I hope you have a good one! And if you have snow, please do tread carefully.

4 thoughts on “Yay for a snow day!

  1. mphadventuregirl says:

    January was when Gardner Webb had their snow days. School was cancelled for two days so in those days, I played in the snow. The first day, two friends and I went sledding, but because we didn’t have an actual sled, we took three cushions from the common area and put them in garbage bags and it was fun sledding on cushions down a big hill behind the suites. Than we ended up making snow cream to enjoy. The next cancelled day, I ended up making a tiny snowman.

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