30 Before 30

I’m not quite sure why I decided to write a ‘30 before 30’ list less than a year before, but there’s nothing like a deadline to provide a little inspiration.

Mine won’t read like many of these lists, because having asked myself what I’d really like to achieve before my next birthday, the answer was quite simply to feel more together. I’m not aiming to jump out a plane or finish a novel (although both would be excellent and welcome). I just want to focus on the little things that I already know are good for my wellbeing, and dedicate more time to them.


30 Before 30

1. Learn a new skill. I’ve kept this vague, because the only skills that spring to mind are lock-picking and crochet.

2. Take two trips to new places. A friend moved to Salzburg at the beginning of this year, so it seems like the perfect place to add to my list.

3. Learn three new recipes

4. Look for places we could potentially buy. It would be lovely to find a place of our own that we could settle in, but we’ll need to know what’s out there/possible first.

5. See five plays/musicals. I’m not specifying ‘new’ this time, because I already have a second visit to Come From Away on the list, and I quite fancy seeing Wicked again.

6. Continue with tap dancing. It’s not 100% cheating to say ‘Continue with…’

7. Continue with yoga. This has the bonus side effect of keeping my toenails presentable.

8. Be a brilliant bridesmaid. This month!

9. Volunteer. This is cheating, because I’ve already signed up – I’ll be helping kids with their reading skills.

10. Write ten blog posts

11. Clear out my wardrobe. HONESTLY, will I ever wear it again? Do I actually hate it? Be ruthless. It’s weighing me down. (And literally will, should we move at some point.)

12. Find a place for everything. This would make it a lot easier to put ‘away’.

13. Win something. The lottery would be nice, but I’ll take what I can get.

14. Spend less time on social media. No more than half an hour a day.

15. Spend a couple of hours a week cleaning and tidying the flat. God I sound boring, but these things honestly make me feel better.

16. Get more sleep! If I’m home, I should go to bed at half ten and spend less time like a zombie.

17. Set some goals for work. Keeping this vague, as my role might be changing a little (in a good way)!

18. Say no (sometimes). I took on four extra responsibilities in the past month alone, and it’s not good for anyone involved if I agree to more than I can manage properly.

19. Do a day trip from London

20. Do something I haven’t done before

21. Watch a famous film I’ve never seen before

22. Go to a gig

23. Buy better gifts. If I have a ‘saw this and thought of you’ moment, I need to buy the thing and have it ready for the person’s birthday/Christmas.

24. Read 24 books

25. Read one of my illustrated Harry Potter books

26. Read the Rain Wild Chronicles by Robin Hobb. This is my list, so 24, 25 and 26 get to be separate goals.

27. Print photos. I take too many; I want to highlight the good ones.

28. Keep a happiness jar

29. Catch up with friends once a month. I had long phone calls with two friends last weekend and it was so nice. Living away from most of my friends, it’s easy to go a couple of months without having any idea what’s going on in their lives. It would be nice to change that.

30. Write 1000 words of fiction

And in the time I’ve been considering this list, another month has gone! At least it means I know some are already on track.

Do you have a similar list?

3 thoughts on “30 Before 30

  1. mphtheatregirl says:

    Don’t exactly have a list of things to do before 30. There are things I want to do in my life though. Here are some of my goals I want to do in my life: not by a certain age.

    1. See Les Mis in Spanish- people think I am crazy I want to do this; they even think I will not understand the show since it is not my native language- they do not know I know the show 24/7

    2. Write more than one book- I am already in the middle of one. Maybe write more than one

    3. Mission Trip Abroad

    4. See a musical live every year

    5. Go back to NYC- this time I want to do a theatre-planned trip. One show at the Met Opera and like three to four trips on Broadway

    6. Possibly back to London- this time just in London- last time only spent 4 and 1/2 days there since I had to spend most of my time in Bristol

    As I said, this is not a before 30 list- life goal list

      • mphtheatregirl says:

        When you are a musical theatre fanatic, you want to continue seeing musicals for as long as you can: I live in a popular touring city: that helps when I don’t live in or near NYC.

        Writing: I finished my first draft of my first book yesterday. Now time to take a little break before starting the second draft.

        Oh, I remember: let’s add to those travel goals- I want to visit California and maybe Washington. I live in North Carolina so I have visited the Eastern States the most. I want to get to know the Western Side of my country.

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