Bucket List

Or, ‘The Ultimate To Do List’

Write a novel and have it published

See the Northern Lights

Learn first aid

See Michael Bublé in concert

Go to the Monaco Grand Prix

Have a track day

Go to the airport or train station and pick a destination at random

Eat carbonara in Italy

See a show at the Grand Ole Opry

Go to Hogwarts Castle in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Go to a spa

Visit the Palais Garnier

Go to Goodwood Festival of Speed

Write a song

Get a job I love

See The Book of Mormon

Meet McFly

Learn to play a (recognisable) song on the guitar

Go back to Canada

Visit Lapland just before Christmas

Read something by Charles Dickens

Visit Athens

Visit Santorini

Stay in a five-star hotel

Go to Budapest

Visit the Shard

Go go-karting

Climb the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral

See a shooting star

Go in a hot air balloon

See the Sagrada Família

Spend a day in the Plitvice Lakes National Park

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