Clare’s Progress


1. Run (/jog/walk/stumble/crawl) the Edinburgh 1/2 marathon

2. Read 25 books (new, old, or just plain damn good)
while I’ve yet to post my bookish ramblings, rest assured I’ve been reading plenty and will be gracing you all with a post in the not to distant future!

3. Visit 2 countries I’ve never seen before
– Country number 1: Copenhagen
– Country number 2: TBC

4. Climb Arthur’s Seat

5. Bake a cake from scratch

6. Become a bloody crafting goddess

7. Have an entirely meat-free week

8. Smoke a cigar like Al Pacino

9. Do at least 2 charitable deeds (and no, I don’t just mean giving my seat up on the bus)
– Charitable Deed 1: Rasing £266 for the Scottish SPCA
– Charitable Deed 2: TBC

10. Spend more quality time with my family

11. Get myself a new job

12. Become an MSc Publishing Graduate

13. Record it all in this blog


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