Six Months Gone

It’s the last day of June! 2015 is half over. I’m getting sick of saying time flies, so from now on I’ll have to accept that time will always go a little too fast for my liking. (Except that boring hour from 2.30 to 3.30 in the afternoon. That drags.) So, how are the 15 … Continue reading Six Months Gone

Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals

Hi, everyone! Today I would like to warmly welcome the lovely Jenny from Jenny in Neverland, who has very kindly written me a guest post about what she would like to achieve this year. Go and visit her blog to read about her 2015 Reading Challenge, book hangovers and the time when plagiarism was funny. * Meet … Continue reading Guest Post: Jenny’s 2015 Goals

Weekend Coffee Share: Dancing and Daydreaming

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that the past couple of weeks have been a decent time for getting through some of my 15 goals in 2015. 1. Visit fifty new places My friend visited last weekend, so we went to the Science Museum. There were a couple of great exhibits on cravings, genes … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share: Dancing and Daydreaming