I might not like cooking, but I love to bake. Perhaps because the results are way more interesting; perhaps because I’m marginally better at it. That’s not to say I haven’t had a few disasters. In fact, I baked one of the most disgusting cakes ever to grace this earth. It might not really count, … Continue reading Baking

My Three-Course Meal

3. Learn to cook a three-course meal, and throw a dinner party to prove it. It only took eleven and a half months of consideration (and procrastination) but I finally made a three-course meal for my friends. For the starter, I had thought about making potato skins. Then I remembered that the last time I … Continue reading My Three-Course Meal

Sweet and Simple Shortbread

What happens when I procrastinate? Well on Friday, I made shortbread. This is the shortbread we always make at home. The recipe is a Be-Ro one; however, as it happens with many things I bake, I couldn't resist chucking in some chocolate. I'm a lazy baker in some ways. I never bother sieving flour, for example. … Continue reading Sweet and Simple Shortbread

And the stupidest purchase of the week goes to…

So here's my progress report for week beginning 25 February. There's room for improvement at least! 1. Read a new book every month. Well, I had already read my book for February, then I read Delirium and started Pandemonium (finished on 1 March). I might review them too, but in short they were great. 2. … Continue reading And the stupidest purchase of the week goes to…

I couldn’t find an aubergine.

On Tuesday, I thought I'd play the domestic goddess. Cleaned my room (although Clare did the rest of the place) and then decided to make a vegetable lasagne for everyone, as another friend was coming for dinner. This isn't technically goal three, because I've co-made vegetable lasagne before, but this is the first time I've … Continue reading I couldn’t find an aubergine.