30 Before 30

I’m not quite sure why I decided to write a ‘30 before 30’ list less than a year before, but there’s nothing like a deadline to provide a little inspiration. Mine won’t read like many of these lists, because having asked myself what I’d really like to achieve before my next birthday, the answer was … Continue reading 30 Before 30

2017 Goals

I was at the Bologna Book Fair last week, which means being collected at 4.30 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Presumably as a result of sleep deprivation, I always seem to end up having profound conversations with the taxi driver, and this time it was about how ‘the one thing given to all of us equally is … Continue reading 2017 Goals

Where Did the Past Six Months Go? Or, Lauren’s Progress So Far

It’s July! I can hardly believe it. Not too long ago I wrote ‘2012’ on something. This is the perfect time to assess how I’m doing with my goals. I’ve found four categories: 1. Achieved 2. Partly complete 3. Will take all year 4. Failing miserably Only two are ‘Achieved’: wearing my white dress and … Continue reading Where Did the Past Six Months Go? Or, Lauren’s Progress So Far

I couldn’t find an aubergine.

On Tuesday, I thought I'd play the domestic goddess. Cleaned my room (although Clare did the rest of the place) and then decided to make a vegetable lasagne for everyone, as another friend was coming for dinner. This isn't technically goal three, because I've co-made vegetable lasagne before, but this is the first time I've … Continue reading I couldn’t find an aubergine.