Once Upon a Time… I Was Creative

My brain needs a workout. When I was younger, I could sit down for an hour and produce six poems. Fair enough, they would too often take a teenager’s fascination with morbidity coupled with some truly terrible metaphors, but at least it was some words on a page. And occasionally, I produced something that I … Continue reading Once Upon a Time… I Was Creative


I love the word ‘maybe’. On a purely superficial level, it’s a pretty sounding word. Of course, its meaning is better. Perhaps. Possibly. It can be used negatively, of course: ‘Maybe I just won’t see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child if the ticket system is so frustrating.’ For me, though, it’s hopeful. I like … Continue reading Maybe

Always Something There to Remind Me

Music is really important to me, and I listen to it a lot. We all do these days – shopping to a backing track of some chart song; working out to some trash at the gym; not-really-listening to whatever comes through our headphones on the way to work. Our lives have a pretty constant soundtrack. For … Continue reading Always Something There to Remind Me